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NCW monitors women’s image in Ramadan soap operas

Sat, May. 20, 2017
CAIRO – 20 May 2017: The National Council for Women (NCW) will monitor the image of Egyptian women in all the series that will be featured in Ramadan, the Head of NCW Dr. Maya Morsy told Egypt Today.

This comes after the accusations that surrounded Ramadan soap operas last year for portraying a negative image about Egyptian women. Almost all the female roles in the series were depicted as an unfaithful wife, a drug dealer, a killer, a mad woman, a prostitute or a thief.

The National Council for Women announced that monitoring women’s image in Ramadan series is a top priority issue for the council. As a result the council is preparing to set up a special observatory to monitor women’s image in Ramadan drama.

Morsy added that he observatory will monitor all Ramadan series to combat the negative facts that violate women’s image. The observatory will be headed by Suzanne Al-Qlaini, rapporteur of the Information Committee of the Council, expressing her hope that the Ramadan series will reflect the true image of Egyptian women.

Al-Qlaini said that the observatory will prepare content analysis on all the series. It will formulate a half-monthly report on how they address women's issues, and the image of women who were highlighted, whether negative or positive. In order to produce indicators to be announced to the media. A final report should be prepared at the end of Ramadan based on monitoring results as well as the needed recommendations.

The observatory will choose at the end of the month the best series that will truly reflect the correct image of Egyptian women.
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