Nubian Band to stage at Cairo’s El-Dammah Theater


Thu, 11 May 2017 - 09:33 GMT

Nubain-based band Nubanour

Nubain-based band Nubanour

CAIRO – 11 May 2017: Nubain-based band Nubanour will be staging Cairo’s El-Dammah Theater with a musical performance in downtown on May 18.

The band will be performing music from their album Damneshen, dance performances and songs based on Nubian heritage. The songs feature the tragedies that Nubians faced during the time of forced immigration when the Aswan Dam was being built.

The band seeks to revive true Nubian heritage and culture, and comprises of band manager and performer Osama Bakry, in addition to members Deyaa Fathy, Hassan Gamal, Mohamed Seliman, Gamal Hassan, Islam Salah, Ahmed Ismail, Sedik, Hassan Mohamed and oud player Hamoudy according to their Facebook page.

Located in Abdin Square in Downtown Cairo, El Dammah Theater was established by el-Mastaba Center in 2010 and can accommodate a total of 100 audience members. The theater hosts regular performances on Thursday nights that include Sufi spiritual music, Bedouin music, Upper Egyptian traditional music, Nubian music and folk music according to the theater’s Facebook page.



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