Michael Caine film ‘Youth’ to screen at ROOM Art Space


Mon, 23 Apr 2018 - 11:40 GMT

Screencap from the film's trailer, April 23, 2018 –Youtube/Movieclips Trailers.

Screencap from the film's trailer, April 23, 2018 –Youtube/Movieclips Trailers.

CAIRO – 23 April 2018: The 2015 comedy-drama film “Youth”, starring Michael Caine, will screen at ROOM Art Space & Café on April 29.

From Italian director Paolo Sorrentino comes a story about two old friends looking back at the long lives they've lived and the lives of the young people around them. Fred (Michael Caine) is a retired British composer who is on vacation with his friend Mick (Harvey Keitel), a film-maker who is in the process of producing a new film set to star his friend, a famous old actress.

Accompanied by Fred's daughter, Lena Ballinger (Rachel Weisz), they vacation in the Swiss Alps to enjoy the spas and youthful women around them. Lena happens to be married to Mick's son as well, connecting the two old friends in another way. Together, Fred and Mick wander around the scenic spa, enjoying themselves with massages and beautiful women as they remember what they lost and what they have left.

As Mick gets to work on what might be his final and perhaps greatest film, Fred receives an invitation to perform for none other than the Queen of England herself, an unbelievable opportunity that just might bring him back from retirement, even though he desires never to compose again. It seems that someone is determined to get him playing again, however.

"Youth" premiered at the Cannes Film Festival on May 20, 2015, earning itself a Palme D'Or nomination. It went on to earn an Oscar nomination as well for Best Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures, Original Song.



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