Film Clinic: “Al Rabta” follows Egypt in lead up to World Cup



Sat, 24 Mar 2018 - 01:35 GMT


Sat, 24 Mar 2018 - 01:35 GMT

Shiko and Hesham Maged – Egypt Today

Shiko and Hesham Maged – Egypt Today

CAIRO – 24 March 2018: “Al Rabta” will go behind-the-scenes to give insight into the team’s trainings and what happens in the player changing rooms. The program will be presented by the famous Egyptian comedians Shiko and Hisham Maged and air on CBC channel.

“Al Rabta” is the fourth time Film Clinic and the duo Shiko and Hisham Maged have cooperated. Film Clinic first contacted the duo after seeing them perform in their first movie “Waraet Shafra” (Code Paper), and their cooperation continued as they worked together on the films “Samir w Shahir w Bahir” and “Banat El Am” (Cousins).

Film Clinic recently won 10 awards at the Egyptian Cinema Film Association Festival for their films “Ali, the Goat and Ibrahim” by director Sherif El Bendary, “Sheikh Jackson” by director Amr Salama, and “Withered Green” by director Mohammad Hammad. Film Clinic is currently working on the film “Gunshot” directed by Karim El Shenawy. With regards to television programs, Film Clinic recently released the successful TV series “Sabea Gar” (Seventh Neighbor).
"Sabea Gar" is a family soap which depicts the everyday lives of normal Egyptian families, and is all set in a building in Maadi.

The characters of the series are residents of the building and each apartment in the building houses a family which represents different social spheres and the problems they face. What ties them all together is the fact that they are neighbors.

The two main families are Lamia’s and Laila’s families. Lamia, played by veteran actress Dalal Abdel Aziz, is a widowed housewife and a mother of two girls and a boy from a middle-class background.

Her eldest is Doaa (rising actress Fadwa Abed) who is fanatically religious and a miser doctor, while the second is Heba (rising star Sarah Abdel Rahman) who is a recent university graduate, searching for a job and meaning to her life. Heba feels lost, which reflects the feelings held by a majority of young people in Egypt. Abdel Rahman (the young actor Ahmed Dash) is Lamia’s youngest son, a student in secondary school.

The second family is Laila’s family. Laila, performed by renowned actress Sherine, is Lamia’s sister. She is working as a manager in one of the government ministries and is married to a deceitful man who doesn’t live with her. Instead, he is constantly busy with his work and visits the family infrequently. Leila has two daughters, Hala (Rahma Hassan), a successful manager in a private company, and Hend (Nesreen Taalat) who is married to a bit of a loser, Fouad (Mahmoud el-Leithy), who is living with them in the same flat.

It also sheds light on an aspect of Egyptian society that is often touched upon yet exists. Mai (Hadeel Hassan), a young female engineer lives alone in her engineering office. She suffers from her neighbors’ constant gossiping about her life as a single woman living alone, but who tries to ignore the situation by carrying on with day to day life. The program is directed by three female directors; Ayten Amin, Nadine Khan and Heba Yousry. The three talented directors use a group of first-time young female actresses.



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