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Sun, 18 Mar 2018 - 06:51 GMT


Sun, 18 Mar 2018 - 06:51 GMT

Omar Fathi - Photo courtesy of Omar Fathi Facebook page

Omar Fathi - Photo courtesy of Omar Fathi Facebook page

CAIRO- 18 March 2018: Egyptian history has been carved by artists who once made small cities become significant as they achieved a dynamic effect that reflected around the entire world.

As art is a universal language, Egyptian culture succeeded to generate talents respected worldwide for their origins however some reputable artists were forgotten by history for numerous reasons not publicly announced to this day. A promising actor, singer, and dancer resonating from the heart of Luxor , Omar Fathi had a lot to give to the artistic world but his ambitions didn’t see the light following his first debut.

A preacher to arts

Omar Fathi was born back in 1952, at the beautiful historical city Luxor, his real name is Mohamed Abd-El-Monaem but he changed it several times as he believed that those names would look more artistic and lead him to fame through the Egyptian music market. He had a very promising future as his songs easily reached the heart of Egyptian audiences and his joyful soul created a new edge. Life however tricked him and his fans by taking him away at a very young age to end the story.

He named himself Mohamed Hendy once and Omar Gohar for another period of his career, but this name Omar Fathi had an interesting story behind it. He decided to honor his discoverers and biggest supporters as well as his two very best friends by creating his artistic name on their honors.

He created his debut name by taking the first initial of the first discoverer of his talent Omar Battesha and the first initial of the first director who believed in his acting skills and gave him a lead role in a TV series called ‘El-Leil We El-Kamar’ (The Night and The Moon) Fathi Abd-El-sattar. Both were among the closest friends to Omar Fathi.

Fathi’s artistic career was a very interesting adventure, as he first applied for joining Mohamed Reda troupe for traditional and cultural choreography as a dancer. The troupe leader Ali Reda discovered Fath’s unique vocal skills, and he insisted to give him that chance to get exposed to the public where he sang the famous cover song (Agaban Le Ghazalin) for the famous oriental music composer Foad Abd-El-Mageed. Fathi’s cover went viral and was recommended by a lot of radio stations and on the live shows of the troupe.

The pop artist took a bigger leap in his career, by producing original songs , therefore he joined “El-Masreyeen” (The Egyptians) music band along with the renowned musician and band leader Hany Shenouda who believed in Fathi and saw his joyful soul that has fit the project in all means. Both artists have created and released songs that achieved huge success such as (8th of December) and (Bahebak la Daleel) (I Love you, No Proof).

Growing in talent

The young star sought to take his potentials to another level in his career by starting his own project that has been supported by his two best friends Bettasha and Abdelsattar as well as the late renowned poet and lyricist Salah Jahin. The project has reflected Fathi’s joyful and non dramatic words as well as the simplicity of the compositions on which he depended to set his edge and his way to get differentiated among others of his generation.

This project has earned Fathi many titles such as the “Voice of Joy” and “The Magician of Happiness”, as most of his generation praised him by describing him as a smart role model of his generation and if he had more time he would has been the most popular star among his fellow singers.

The pop star left his mark as an actor where he performed in many important TV series as ‘El-Leil We El-Kamar’ (The Night and The Moon) and ‘Sayedat Al-Fondok’ which has been followed by an album that carried all the songs from the series and (The Lady From The Hotel), plus one movie called ‘Rehlat Al-Shaka’ Wa Al-Hob’ (The Journey of Suffer and Love).

Omar Fathi as well as the audiences were unlucky to lose such a great talent in a very young age, as he died at the age of 34 by a heart attack, but his songs and cheerful soul that spread happiness and put a smile on many faces has lived in his generation’s mind, that’s why he deserve an Artist that should not be forgotten by history.



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