The French National Library, -Photo courtesy of the official statement by Louver Abu Dhabi Museum. The French National Library, -Photo courtesy of the official statement by Louver Abu Dhabi Museum.

‘The World With a Spherical Vision’ to kick off on March 23

Wed, Mar. 14, 2018
CAIRO - 14 March 2018: The Louvre Abu Dhabi Museum will launch "The World with a Spherical Vision" exhibition organized by the French National Library, starting from Friday March 23 until Saturday June 2.

The exhibition offers visitors a historical view of the world through scientific tools used from ancient times to the present day. The exhibition will display 160 pieces from the collection of the French National Library, in addition to other borrowed items.

The exhibition offers more than 40 3D spherical pieces, rare archaeological remains, exquisite manuscripts, printed manuscripts and maps, among other pieces that will take the visitors back 2500 years to uncover numerous facts related to the science history. The exhibition was organized by Catherine Hoffmann, general coordinator at the French National Library, and François Nauroke, general coordinator and deputy head of the Saint-Geneva Library.

“The World With a Spherical Vision” is the second exhibition held in the Louvre Abu Dhabi Museum since its inauguration, Manuel Rabaté, the museum’s director, mentioned in an official statement. He expressed his belief in the importance of this exhibition as this era is considered to be the era of scientific discoveries.

It is worth mentioning that the exhibition will be offering numerous significant scientific artifacts including the oldest terrestrial and celestial spheres that date back to old Islamic eras, which have linked the world from these eras to the present day. The collection reflects the spirit of the Louvre Abu Dhabi and the story of humankind, which is told by magnificent pieces from the French National Library, the Louvre Museum in Paris, the Museum of Arts and Crafts, the Versailles Palace and the Pompidou Center.

The exhibition's organizers Hoffmann and Nauroke pointed out that the world-wide spectacle is not only an exceptional opportunity to display the most precious and rare celestial and terrestrial spheres in French collections as it also tells a long-term fundamental story: the story of the cosmic visions of the universe, religion and philosophy.
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