Vibrant “Colors of Morocco” exhibition highlights Moroccan beauty


Wed, 14 Feb 2018 - 10:19 GMT

Photos courtesy of Al-Shumue official Facebook page

Photos courtesy of Al-Shumue official Facebook page

CAIRO - Feb 14 2018: Al-Shumue Center for Arts and Culture has announced the opening of a photography exhibition entitled “Colors of Morocco”, showcasing the works of Egyptian photographer Nagwa Diab. The exhibition opened on January 26 and ran until February 8.

This is Diab’s first photography exhibition, and is stated to be an exciting and immersive glimpse into the life and beauty of Morocco through its vibrant colors and scenes. The photographs were taken during Diab’s visit to the country last year, where she captured the “Moroccan spirit” evident in its mesmerizing colors.

Photos courtesy of Al-Shumue official Facebook page

Although Diab had been to various countries before, the photographer chose Morocco to mark the debut of her career in the field after discovering it to be enticingly full of richness and glory. Relatively inexperienced as a professional photographer, her work is stated to appeal to a wide audience for its connection to humanity and raw emotion.

Works featured in “Colors of Morocco” are categorized as “street photography”, a specific type of photography that deals with translating the action of the street into a photographic representation of the greater energy of the city.

This exhibition is the first of a series of exhibitions and shows for the photographer at the al-Shumue Center.

Photos courtesy of Al-Shumue official Facebook page

Stay tuned for our interview with Nagwa Diab on her artistic will and passion toward Morocco.



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