“Awalem Khafia” and “Tayea” soap operas will screen exculsively on CBC



Sun, 11 Feb 2018 - 02:46 GMT


Sun, 11 Feb 2018 - 02:46 GMT

Adel Emam - Egypt Today

Adel Emam - Egypt Today

CAIRO – 11 February 2018: “Awalem Khafia” (Hidden Worlds) and “Tayea” soap operas are set to begin during Ramadan 2018, and will screen in Egypt exclusively on CBC channel.

The Chairman of Magnoum Production Company and the producer of the two series Hesham Tahseen signed a contract with CBC channel chairman Mohamed el-Amin for the screening rights of the two shows.

Saudi TV previously signed a contract with Magnoum Production Company to screen “Awalem Khafia” and “Tayea” exclusively on its channel in other Arab countries.

“Awalem Khafia” stars mega star Adel Emam and “Tayea” stars Amr Youssef. The famous Egyptian actor Amr Youssef started shooting "Tayea" on January 20. The series takes place in Upper Egypt. "Tayea" also stars Amr Abdel Gelil, Salwa Mohamed Aly and the famous Jordanian actress Saba Moubarak, amongst others. The series is written by Mohamed Diab and directed by Amr Salama.

Amr Youssef - Egypt Today

"Tayea" is the first soap opera for Salama who directed a group of successful movies, such as "Sheikh Jackson", "Asmaa" and "La Mo’akhza" (Excuse Me), amongst others. "Tayea" is expected to be a high quality soap opera and is highluy anticipated by Arab audiences, who are eager to watch the collaboration between Salama, Diab and Youssef as the three are famous for their creative work.

Regarding “Awalem Khafia”, “Adel Emam’s series has been the focus of attention of a large number of satellite channels, because of the huge fan base Emam has across the Arab world,’’ recounted producer Hisham Tahseen, during a press conference held on December 8 that witnessed the contract signing with Saudi TV.

Khaled Ahmed Madkhaly, the head of Saudi TV, expressed his happiness during the press conference that Saudi TV will air these two important soap operas during Ramadan 2018.

The 77 year-old actor Adel Emam who is considered the most popular actor, not only in Egypt but the entire Arab World received on September 22, the Creative Achievement Award during the opening ceremony of the first El-Gouna Film Festival (GFF) entitled, “Cinema for Humanity” for his esteemed reputation as the most outstanding star in Arab films and for his distinguished humanitarian efforts.

Emam has won many awards from many film festivals such as the Best Actor Award in 1995 at the Cairo International Film Festival for his film “The Terrorist”, the Artistic Achievement Award in 2005 at the Dubai International Film Festival, the Golden Star in 2014 at the Marrakech International Film Festival and the Golden Tanit in 2016 at the Carthage Film Festival.



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