Safarkhan Gallery to exhibit Ramzi Mostafa’s artwork



Sat, 03 Feb 2018 - 04:44 GMT


Sat, 03 Feb 2018 - 04:44 GMT

Prominent late artist Ramzi Mostafa

Prominent late artist Ramzi Mostafa

CAIRO – 3 February 2018: Safarkhan Gallery is organizing an exhibition under the title “Contemplation” to present a significant repertoire for late, prominent artist Ramzi Mostafa from Wednesday, February 7 until Wednesday, March 7.

The gallery promises to pay homage to Mostafa’s legacy as an appreciation for the art of one of the most talented and impactful artists in the past few decades.

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Mostafa’s contemporary art combines the elegance of European masters with a distinctive oriental and specifically Egyptian impression.

Throughout his whole artistic journey, Mostafa insisted on constantly presenting to the world of art singular, momentous pieces to avoid repetition or monotone. This made him flourish with a fresh assortment of diverse paintings, sculptures and compositional works.

Producing an extraordinary collection of water color paintings, he often fused various ideas together, especially ancient civilization and religion. Through his additions in the world of pharaonic art and architecture, he succeeded in portraying Egypt’s history in a novel way.

Known for his own vivid illustrations and shapes, he followed diverse techniques through which he blended the rainbow tones together, offering an effortlessly natural definition to the Egyptian art.

In an extremely successful attempt, Mostafa captured Cairo’s chaotic and disorderly charm on blank canvas, offering a concrete impression of its cityscapes.

Also worth mentioning, Mostafa was a memorable guest of honor showing at the Museum of Modern Art in Cairo in 1996. His art has witnessed noticeable international exposure as his work toured the world participating in many contemporary art exhibitions in Florence, Bologna and Vienna.



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