“Colored Dress”, the first Egyptian film to discuss independent women



Tue, 23 Jan 2018 - 02:21 GMT


Tue, 23 Jan 2018 - 02:21 GMT

"Colored Dress" - file photo

"Colored Dress" - file photo

Transcribed by Salma Kamel

CAIRO – 23 January 2017: Egyptian director Ehab Moustafa reveals that the first Egyptian docudrama film discussing the issue of independent women is in production.

Ehab Moustafa explained In an interview with Egypt Today the significance of choosing this particular film genre: The docudrama genre is similar to a feature-length fictional film that draws from the writer’s imagination, but at the same time depends on actual and realistic stories that are acted out on camera by the individuals who have experienced these events, where the film adopts these “characters’” perspectives. “Colored Dress” stars a group of real, non-actor women, each of whom reenacting the events of their personal stories in the film’s dramatic format.

"Colored Dress" - file photo

The director, who was also the main contributor to the idea behind the film, adds: The film is a combination of reality and fiction. The actresses’ profiles were taken from real drama therapy sessions in which they were participating in scenario and dialogue acting.

Why did you name the docudrama “Colored Dress”?

We chose the title “Colored Dress” to indicate that the life of an independent woman, despite its challenges and difficulties, remains a beacon of hope and liveliness. The symbolism of the title expresses that every woman remains beautiful in her coloreddress in the midst of the dullness of society. The term “independent woman” here refers to all social situations, not just one specific case, that the fifteen different actresses underwent. It represents the mentalities and transitions of Egyptian society, and especially the variability of the Egyptian middle class.

How does it correct the misconceptions of Egyptian society?

We don’t scream in the film and talk about the oppressed women who demand their rights, but offer positive and successful examples of women who have overcome difficulties and suffering due to misconceptions on the role of women in society, family, and the workplace. With this film, we try to light the way for women who have suffered difficult circumstances but decided to overcome life’s battles with strength, honor, and determination.

"Colored Dress" - file photo

What does the term “independent woman” refer to?

The term “independent woman” does not refer to a specific social case like “divorced, widowed, young woman with special circumstances”, but refers to all social circumstances that we might encounter in our lives at all times. The definition of “independent woman” indicates in large part a woman’s independence, whether it is material independence, intellectual independence, or social independence. It is true that it is a vague term with many possible meanings, and this is what the film discusses through the roles of each woman throughout the forty minutes of the film’s runtime, to correct misconceptions on how an independent woman might behave.

Is there room for the film’s participation in international film festivals?

The film’s production crew is aiming toward international festivals. The production crew, Creative Producing, is composed of thirty two members, all of whom have taken on the project because of their shared vision for the international recognition of the independent Egyptian woman as a entity to be honored and respected. We have presented three screenings of the film in November and December of 2017 and received critical acclaim and praise. In 2018, we will begin the process of registering for international film festivals. It is expected that the film will be shown in Egyptian cinema soon.

We have chosen the title song for the film, called “Colored Dress” and uploaded it on Youtube. The song is performed by Hana Ghoneim, and the lyrics were written by Radwa el-Awadi. The composition was undertaken by the Italian musician Antonio Florio, and the song was presented in both English and Arabic, for the sake of reaching a greater audience. The stars of the film are Mona Ahmed, Radwa el-Awadi, Horeya al-Sayed, Rowayda Bebers, Alaa Amar, Dalia Fakhr, Amani Moussa, Iman al-Nasharti, Nour Arabi, Aya Saad, Yara Shahwan, Pakinam Idris, Yasmine Eid, Salma Badr, and Hana Moussa.

"Colored Dress" - file photo



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