‘Withered Green’ screening in fat VOX Cinemas


Sun, 22 Oct 2017 - 12:32 GMT

Offcial Film poster (Photo courtesy of IMDB)

Offcial Film poster (Photo courtesy of IMDB)

CAIRO – 22 October 2017: The Egyptian movie “Withered Green” is currently being screened in fat VOX Cinemas (Cinema 9), Mall of the Emirates and will continue until November 1.

The internationally-awarded Egyptian film will screen for the first time in Egypt at Zawya on October 25. It premiered at Locarno International Film Festival last year and was the first Egyptian film to screen at the festival.

The movie is about a woman’s life in an oriental society. It reflects the story of a woman who asks her family to attend her sister’s engagement. The protagonist is very traditional and strict. Finally, she receives news that leads her to rethink her life and beliefs.

The movie’s director, Mohammed Hammad, was the first Egyptian to win the Muhr Award for Best Director in the Narrative Feature Competition from Dubai International Film Festival, and a Golden Palm Award for Best Director in a Narrative Feature Competition at the Mexico International Film Festival last year.

The film participated in 45 international film festivals including the Hamburg International Film Festival, Festival de Cannes and Stockholm International Film Festival.

“Withered Green” was written and directed by Hammad and stars Heba Ali, Asmaa Fawzi, and John Ekram Hanna.



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