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Sat, 21 Oct 2017 - 03:38 GMT


Sat, 21 Oct 2017 - 03:38 GMT

Amr Salah behind the scences from El Khaleya movie_ File Photo.

Amr Salah behind the scences from El Khaleya movie_ File Photo.

CAIRO - 21 October 2017: Amr Salah, an officer from the special operations sector in the Ministry of Interior was sorrowfully martyred on Friday, October 20. Salah was assassinated during confrontations between police forces and some terrorist elements in an oasis in the Western Desert.

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The sources added that Amr Salah, along with his colleagues in the security forces, headed to the oasis after receiving information that terrorist elements were hiding there.

Amr Salah behind the scences from El Khaleya movie_ File Photo 4

Security forces clashed and exchanged fire with the terrorists, leaving a number of them dead or wounded. Sixteen police officers were killed and others injured while hunting terrorists, security sources said. Egypt’s Attorney General Nabil Sadek directed on Saturday the State Security Prosecution to investigate the terrorist attack against dozens of police personnel.

Amr Salah behind the scences from El Khaleya movie_ File Photo 3.

Amr Salah was an Egyptian police officer known for his competence, like all the officers who work in the special operations sector. Salah’s friends and colleagues said that he was a funny person who was very keen to spread happiness to all those who around him, fully devoted to his work, and very friendly and cooperative with his colleagues.

Amr Salah behind the scences from El Khaleya movie with Ahmed Ezz_ File Photo

Salah was a brave police officer, as witnessed by his supervisors, and ready to sacrifice his life at any moment for the sake of Egypt. The surprise was that the brave officer had an artistic side and acting talent, as he participated in the movie “El Khaleya” (The Cell), which was recently screened in Egyptian cinemas and achieved booming success from day one.

Amr Salah behind the scences from El Khaleya movie_ File Photo 2

Salah is mourned by many Egyptians, including the director and actors of the action movie that tackled terrorism. Tarek El Erian, director of “El Khaleya”, along with the movie’s star, Ahmad Ezz, have both offered condolences on the death of Salah. The film’s cast members stated that Salah participated in training Ezz and fellow actors on police exercises shown in the movie, as if destiny had chosen Salah to combat terrorism on real life and even through a movie. He also appeared in a few scenes in the film as an actor. El Erian said that Salah appeared in the scene of the change of clothes, another in the raid, the scene of the armored vehicle, and most of the scenes of Ezz in the camp. Social media users were affected much by the death of Salah, sharing his photos while reacting with deep sadness.

“El Khaleya” highlights the continuous efforts exerted by the security forces to combat terrorism, as well as the obstacles and the sufferings they face as a result of such tough work. The movie focuses on a special operations officer, performed by Egyptian megastar Ahmed Ezz, showing how he works to stop more than one terrorist operation and arrests terrorist cells. “El Khaleya” stars Ezz, Samer El Masrie, Mohamed Mamdouh and Amina Khalil. The movie script is written by Salah El Geheny, while Tarek El Erian wrote the story and directed the movie. The film includes a duet song between famous singers Assala and Mahmoud Elessily. “El Khaleya” is considered a high budget action movie.



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