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Horror film ‘Berlin Syndrome’ to screen at Balcon Heliopolis on Monday

Sat, Oct. 7, 2017
CAIRO – 7 October 2017: Australian psychological horror/thriller film “Berlin Syndrome” (2017) by director Cate Shortland will be screening at Balcon in Heliopolis on Monday, October 9.

While on holiday to Berlin, an Australian photojournalist named Claire meets a charming local man named Andi, and the two quickly hit it off, culminating in a one-night stand at Andi’s hotel room. What started off as a night of fun quickly spirals into horror as Claire quickly realizes that Andi has locked her in, keeping her prisoner.

“Berlin Syndrome” serves as a look at the depths of romantic obsession and a study of Stockholm syndrome, examining the desperate lengths a hopeless captive can reach to find connection with their kidnapper.

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