Fragmented from a promotional material [photo: official Facebook page] Fragmented from a promotional material [photo: official Facebook page]

‘Akher Wahed Fena ‘to screen at Cimatheque

Wed, Oct. 4, 2017
CAIRO – 4 October 2017: The Tunisian adventure drama film “Akher Wahed Fena” [The Last of Us] will screen at Cimatheque on October 10 and October 14.

The film is a story of a nameless African refugee who seeks to travel to Europe illegally. He crosses the desert to the north but is attacked and finds himself in Tunisia.

The movie depicts a man’s struggle with his environment as he rebuilds his physical and psychological states to survive.

The film is directed and written by Ala Eddin Slim, and was released in 2016. It stars Jawhar Soudani, and Fethi El Akkari.

Lebanon, Tunisia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates cooperated in the shooting of the film.

“Akher Wahed Fena” is the first long narrative film by Slim. It portrays a surrealist odyssey, according to the event’s description. The film also reflects concepts from another of Slim’s films: “Babel.”

It participated in many international festivals and won many awards such as at the Mostra International Film Festival in Venice.

The film was selected as the Tunisian entry for Best Foreign Language Film at the 90th Academy Awards.
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