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Umm Kalthoum’s concerts played on Saudi TV Channel

Tue, Oct. 3, 2017
Starting Monday midnight, the widely-loved Umm Kalthoum long-lasting musical concerts will air on a Saudi-led TV channel. The concerts will air periodically at midnight. This is the latest sign of the cultural momentum that has lately swept through the Kingdom.

Earlier in September, the Kingdom finally allowed women to drive, opened a cinema complex, and widened investment with an ambitious touristic destination located along the Red Sea.

According to Saudi local media outlets, the move comes as part of King Salman’s strategy to, “Change the facades of the Saudi society.”

Dubbed as The Star of the Orient, and the 20th century’s most iconic Arabic singer; Umm Kalthoum was most known for her magnetic voice and her lyrical ability manifested in songs that could last for hours.
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