“Sheikh Jackson” to represent Egypt in 2018 Oscars



Tue, 12 Sep 2017 - 09:43 GMT


Tue, 12 Sep 2017 - 09:43 GMT

Sheikh Jackson movie poster - Press Material

Sheikh Jackson movie poster - Press Material

CAIRO - 12 September 2017: Egypt has selected Amr Salama’s “Sheikh Jackson” as its candidate for consideration at the upcoming edition of the Oscars set to take place in February 2018.

The committee selecting the film gave 17 votes for “Sheikh Jackson”, while “Mawlana” (The Preacher) movie took 5 votes, “El Asleen” movie (The Originals) 4 votes, and 1 vote to each of ‘’Ali the Goat and Ibrahim’’ and “ElKenz’’ (The Treasure) movie.

The committee comprises a group of prominent Egyptian filmmakers and experts, including acclaimed film director Khaled Youssef, Aly Badrakhan, Omar Abdel Aziz and Hala Khalil, in addition to the cinema critics Ola el-Shafie, Ahmed Shawky, Tarek el-Shenawy and Sayed Mahmoud, cinematographers Sameh Selim and Saeed el-Shimy, and décor director Fawzy el-Awamery.

"Sheikh Jackson" will open in all Egyptian cinemas in October.

“Sheikh Jackson” will screen in the 61st London Film Festival, which will kick off from October 4. “Sheikh Jackson” will also be the opening movie for El Gouna Film Festival in its first edition, set to take place from September 22-29.

Speaking about the film, El Gouna Festival director Intishal Al Tamimmi says, “We are proud that this special movie will be introduced in the opening ceremony because it will attract many movie producers, not only Arabs, but also foreigners who are interested in these kinds of movies.”

The movie’s director, Amr Salama, said, “The story of the movie is personal and deep, as I am narrating a very private story.”

“Sheikh Jackson” is a controversial movie starring Ahmed al-Fishawy, set around the death of music icon Michael Jackson. The plotline revolves around a student who loves Michael Jackson's music and imitates the pop star’s performances. His strong relationship with a Salafi reflects the contradictions in his life. Upon Jackson’s death, when the student has grown older to become an Imam, he goes on an inner Sufi quest to seek answers to his existential questions.

The film poster, released by the production company, depicts the protagonist, played by Fishawy, dressed as a Salafi sheikh and posing in a Jackson dance move, wearing Jackson’s signature hat.



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