Pottery Pots that were to be smuggled (Photo: archive) Pottery Pots that were to be smuggled (Photo: archive)

17 Egyptian artifacts prevented from being smuggled

Mon, Sep. 11, 2017
CAIRO – 11 September 2017: Egyptian Tourism police have prevented an attempt to steal 17 artifacts in Assiut governorate on Monday, according to a released statement.

The artifacts comprise 15 pots of different sizes and shapes of pottery. Other artifacts were found in Alexandria, Giza and Aswan as well.

This comes in parallel to the significant archeological


that has been unearthed in Luxor earlier on Saturday and announced by the Minister of Antiquities Khaled Anani.

The discovered cemetery was found dating back to the 18th dynasty and contains numerous coffins of family of an ancient gold merchant. The cemetery also included a large well, artifacts, pottery vessels, and Oshabati statues and equipment of a famous Pharaonic gold trader
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