Experience–Art Ambience, new concept in Breaking Walls Festival



Sat, 02 Sep 2017 - 05:06 GMT


Sat, 02 Sep 2017 - 05:06 GMT

Fragmented from a promotional material (Photo: Event Official Facebook Page)

Fragmented from a promotional material (Photo: Event Official Facebook Page)

CAIRO – 2 September 2017: The Experience [El Tagroba] – Art Ambience is a new concept adapted by Breaking Walls Festival that will be introduced from September 8 to September 16. The concerts will be held across venues in Cairo including Bardo Clubhouse in Maadi, Aish & Malh in Downtown, and Room Art & Space Cafe.

Breaking Walls Festival will kick off on September 7 to September. The festival aims to encourage the audience to experience different unique genres of arts including contemporary dance, breakfast performances and theatrical performances.

‘The Experience – Art Ambience’ also aims to let the audience explore the bond between the human condition and theatrical arts.

The program includes a triple theatrical performance in three different places in Garden City with local and international
artists like Nicole Roerick from USA and Emad Ismail from Egypt.

A number of breakfast and evening concerts and cultural movies screening in different places such as Room Art Space and Café, Bardo Clubhouse, Falak Bookstore and Eish & Malh Restaurant.

Breaking Walls Festival provides a number of workshops in many studios.

The Festival is mainly organized by the French Institute in Egypt.

A number of contemporary dance shows, small musical concerts, workshops, and theatrical performances will be hosted in the festival.

There are a large number of European and Egyptian performers, such as Olivier Dubois (France), Foofwa (Swaziland), Mohamed Shafik (Egypt), Anna Maria Suykerbuyk (Netherlands), Nicole Seiler (Swaziland), and Julia Cheng (UK).

Sin Forma Company (Netherlands) and NDC Company (Egypt) are the main contemporary dance companies which will participate in the Festival.



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