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Cairo’s Zaywa Cinema shows Italian movie Perfect Strangers

Mon, Aug. 21, 2017
CAIRO-21 August, 2017: Zaywa Cinema in Cairo is now showing the 2016 Italian movie Perfetti Sconosciuti (or Perfect Strangers) with English and Arabic subtitles until August 22. The movie has won a number of awards, including the Best Screenplay Award at the Cairo International Film Festival.

The Italian movie is about seven long-time friends, three married couples and a single man, who gather for dinner. Things start smooth, but one of them comes up with a game that all of them put their cell phones, which she called "the black box of our lives", on the dinner table. The game implies that incoming and outgoing messages, calls and emails, must be openly shared with everyone.

With every phone ring, call or message notification, the seven friends become tense, and viewers are kept at the edge of their seat as they expect and await a mind-blowing surprise.

The seven of them go through funny, awkward and embarrassing situations. With their secrets revealed one by one, the adults react like immature teenagers—sometimes, like little children.

Started in 2014, Zawya is Egypt's first art-house cinema. Located in Downtown's Cinema Odeon, it screens a different selection of movies from all over the world, including short films, documentaries, feature films and experimental work.
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