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‘Je suis le Peuple’ documentary screening at Darb 1718 Sunday

Mon, Aug. 14, 2017
CAIRO - 14 August 2017: Darb 1718 cinema will screen the French/Egyptian documentary ‘Je suis le Peuple’ (I am the People) on Sunday, August 27.

First released on October 24, 2014, the documentary is about the circumstances that surrounded the January 2011 revolution in Egypt. ‘Je Suis le Peuple’ shows the anti- government demonstrations that followed the revolution breaking. Millions of demonstrators were on Cairo and Giza streets as poor villagers watched these incidents unfold on TV.

The documentary discusses the political changes that occurred at that time, but from the perspective of those humble villagers. The film covers the period from ousting ex-president Mubarak to the election of former Egyptian outlawed Muslim Brotherhood president Mohamed Morsy. ‘Je Suis Le Peuple’ paid great attention to showing the dreams, hopes and disappointments of these villagers, who saw that even after all upheaval, their lives only changed slightly.

Darb 1718 hosts on Sunday from every month a screening program that contains films that highlight local matters, all created by Egyptian filmmakers. Zawya cinema is responsible for curating the movies for the program every month. The screenings are usually followed by discussions with the filmmakers.
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