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Esseily song tops YouTube tracks’ list in Egypt

Mon, Jul. 17, 2017
CAIRO – 17 July 2017: Egyptian singer Mahmoud El-Esseily claims the first rank on YouTube top tracks list in Egypt with his latest video clip “Fou2y” which means (Wake Up!), which got 4 million views after two months of release.

Ranks on YouTube

It is the first time for Esseily to make a tragic-romantic selection for a video clip, and a departure from happy romantic ones, like his previous song “Farha” or happiness that tackled the wedding day in people life “Helmna Wahed” or we have the same dream, a duet with rapper Zab Tharwat and oriental singer Ahmed Sheba.

‘Fou2y’ song is written and composed by Esseily and directed by Alaa Khaled.

Esseily posted on Instagram said that he wrote the lyrics in four hours at a cafe with Egyptian actor Sheko and music composer Mohamed Medhat.

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