Egypt’s Hisham kharma to perform at Cairo Opera House on August 10



Sat, 30 Jul 2022 - 11:56 GMT


Sat, 30 Jul 2022 - 11:56 GMT

File: Hisham Kharma.

File: Hisham Kharma.

  Famed Egyptian musician Hisham Kharma will perform at Cairo Opera House on August 10.

Kharma recently coperated with Youssef Gabriel and Mirelle Mokhtar in making a reimagined version of Ala Baly song.


The song was released three days ago on YouTube.

Kharma performed at Bibliotheca Alexandrina on July 31.


The acclaimed Egyptian musician performed at veteran Egyptian actor Mohamed Sobhy’s celebration with his artistic career that spanned for 50 years.

Kharma also performed at Cairo Opera House on October 2.

Kharma released his album entitled “ Kon” ( Be) in April, 2019.

He shot the head song of the album in Iceland.


‘’ Be what you like, be what you want’’ is the main theme of the album. 

Kharma was born in Cairo but lived most of his life in Miami, Dubai and Hamburg where he was heavily influenced by an eclectic mix of music inspired by the different cultures.


His music is a combination of electronic, ethnic, lounge and funk sounds. 

Kharma’s melodies cross all cultural barriers taking the listener to different worlds.


His first official release by Virgin Megastore and Hybrid Records was First Voyage. 

Kharma’s second album with Sony Music was the Arabesque series, which brought him together with Grammy Award winner Yanni and Cat Atilla. 

His third album Al-Yaqeen (Faith) was released in 2016; and gained widespread success.


“Sahla we Basita” (Simple and Easy), “Shouf be Albak” (See with your heart) and “Fel Malakout” (In the Kingdom) are among his most famous hits. 

Kharma has become an icon of electronic music in Egypt; he has recently released his latest joint single “Youmeen” (Two days) with Hany Adel; and is about to release a new album. 


Kharma has also recently cooperated for the first time with awards winner Indian singer Tanvi Shah of the movie “Slumdog Millionaire”.



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