‘The Gray Man’ reunites Chris Evans with Russo brothers for the 5th time



Sun, 10 Jul 2022 - 11:41 GMT


Sun, 10 Jul 2022 - 11:41 GMT

File: A scene from “The Gray Man” movie.

File: A scene from “The Gray Man” movie.




The Gray Man is the fifth collaboration between the Russo brothers and the star Evans after they made two films together “Captain America and Avengers”, and with their long history as one of the superheroes, the brothers turned this hero into a villain with the character of Lloyd Hansen embodied by him.


 As part of the events of the film, which will be shown on July 13 in the Egyptian theaters, where the two brothers confirmed the audience's expectations of another version of Captain America, which will not happen and they have to think again, as Gosling turns in the events of the film from the hunter to the prey of his former colleague Evans, who escapes him in a global chase, stressing that they have not for a moment questioned Evans' ability to turn into a villain in The Gray Man.


Choosing Evans was a challenge, they said, as they were eager to show the audience a new side of him. The goal was for the film's characters to present far corners of the world over the years, from the sidewalks of New York City to the more secluded depths of space, with the Gray Man on a global hunt. To take the heroes across multiple continents, through a game of a cat and a mouse between the characters in many action scenes.


Joe Russo says, "Chris is one of the most technically talented actors we've worked with for a long time, and a highly trained superstar, which allows him to deliver many stunts as a performer. 


Whether he's playing Captain America or a former CIA agent, he's honest in whatever he delivers, but we want to go on record that while Ryan Gosling is the gray man, Chris Evans is definitely not a sociopath, but a mercenary turned to be in the movie.  


Lloyd Hansen, who wouldn't let anything get in the way of his hit against the gray man, reflected on what would happen when you had two people at the top of their game wrestling in the streets of historic Europe, and so there would be so much destruction?, and it was hard to imagine that he would show such work with all those details available on regular screens, and I was pleased with Netflix’s decision to show the cinema first, as it will provide a state of entertainment for viewers.”


While Anthony Russo noted: “Being able to give Chris a role like this was very exciting for us because he is so far from what he did in 'Captain America,' Chris is a great actor, and he became very famous and iconic for his performance in Captain America, but he can do great things.  As an actor with very different styles, which is what audiences will definitely see in this movie, for those who were fans of Captain America, we at The Gray Man are moving into the more realistic area.”


But for Evans, the decision was easy, as he said: "The Russo can ask me to do anything," he added, "I seem to have changed my skin 180 degrees from my role as Steve Rogers.  He is a sadistic killer who hunts down CIA mercenaries, and the truth is I love Russo and will do pretty much anything they ask of me.  What he wants is chaos, his unexpected personality is more than his aggression, and this is what I love about him, as you should be afraid of his smile more than his anger, and I assure you that this role is not like any work I have done before at all.”


Based on Evans' description of the character, it's easy to understand why he's interested in this role after shooting Captain America for so long, it will be interesting to see what the actorbrings in this role;  

In Knives Out, Evans proved he has the skills to portray such a villain, so audiences should enjoy seeing him from a new angle. With many actors refusing to clash with their reputations by playing a villain on screen, Joe Russo says: "It reminds us of Henry in Once."  


Upon a Time in the West, where he got that notoriety for playing a child murderer, Evans is doing the same in this movie where he plays a ferocious psychopath, and to me, it's so much fun and sarcastic, a risky character.


It is noteworthy that the events of The Gray Man movie are inspired by the first book of the series of books “The Gray Man” by Mark Greene, which was issued in 2009 and reached 6 books, written by Joe Russo, Christopher Marcus, Stephen McFeely, and starring Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans,  Anna de Armas, Jessica Henwick, Wagner Moura, Danush, Billy Bob Thornton, Alfre Woodard, Reg Jean Page, Julia Butters, Amy Equacor, Scott Haze, and the spy film brings together brothers Joe and Anthony Russo, the directors of the Avengers series.


The film will be shown first in theaters starting from the 13th of July in some theaters in Egypt, in a precedent that is the first of its kind for Netflix. 


Along with a second screening to be shown starting the 14th of July in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and Qatar, and lastly to be shown on the Netflix platform on the 22nd of July.





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