Egypt’s megastars Yousra, Nelly Karim 1st drama collaboration ‘Rose & Laila’ to be screened on November 2022



Tue, 05 Jul 2022 - 02:22 GMT


Tue, 05 Jul 2022 - 02:22 GMT

File: Yousra and Nelly Karim.

File: Yousra and Nelly Karim.

Egyptian superstars Yousra and Nelly Karim star together for the first time in the comedy series “ Rose & Laila”.


The series revolves around two female investigators who coperate together to thwart a bank robbery.


Former squash player and Egyptian actor Hesham Ashour will play the role of Nelly Karim husband in the series.

“Rose&Laila” is directed by Adrian Shergold and written by Chris Cole.
Egyptian superstars Yousra and Nelly Karim will star together in “Rose & Laila” series.

 “Rose & Laila” is planned to be screened on one of the digital platforms on November 2022.


Yousra competed in this year Ramadan drama marathon with  “ Ahlam Saeed” ( Sweet Dreams) series.


”Ahlam Saeeda” is a social comic series, where Yousra  embodies the role of a funny, snobby aristocratic lady named Farida who was subjected to accident that made her blind. 



After the accident Farida will meet Sherine ( Ghada Adel) and Laila ( Mai Kassab) by coincidence, became close friends in a short period of time and underwent experiences that helped them overcome their problems and move on to a better life.


Beside Yousra the series houses a notable cast including Ghada Adel, Mai Kassab, Shaimaa Seif, Nour Mahmoud, Gihan el Shamashergy among others.


“Ahlam Saeeda” is written by Hala Khalil, produced by Gamal Eladl and directed by Amr Arafa.




Karim presented crucial societal problem in her latest series “Faten Amal Harby” which was released in Ramadan 2022.


The series follows Faten ( Nelly Karim) who finds herself facing a law that may deprive her from her two daughters.


She was divorced from her husband after suffering a lot because he was selfish, irresponsible and abused her both physically and psychologically.


After her divorce from Seif ( Sherif Salama) she believed that life will be stable and free of problems, but Faten is surprised to encounter a personal status law, that deprive all divorced women from their rights.


Beside Karim, the series housed star-studded cast including Hala Sedky, Sherif Salama, Mohamed el Sharnouby, Fadia Abdelghany among others.


” Faten Amal Harby” is written by Ibrahim Eissa, produced by El Adl Group and directed by Mohamed el Adl.


A strong independent and intellectual woman, a one of a kind genuine actress, an exquisite ballerina, and an outstanding mother and pure hearted person, she is the role model Nelly Karim. 

Born on December 18, in Alexandria to a Russian father and Egyptian mother, Karim starred in 17 Egyptian films and nine TV series. 

She has a number of respectable awards under her belt; Best Actress award at Cairo International Film Festival for her role in Enta omry (You are My Life) movie, Special Award from Cairo National Festival for Egyptian Cinema for her role in Wahed-Sefr (One-Zero) movie, Best Actress award at the Arab Film Festival for her role in 678 movie, among others. 


Carthage Film Festival in it’s latest edition honored the Egyptian megastar for her overall work and in appreciation of her vast cinematic and artistic career.


 Karim has genuinely depicted the strength, the purity, the dedication and the heroism of Egyptian women in most, if not all, of her work, sending a message of empowerment to every girl and woman who watch her on the screen.





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