‘El Ekhteyar’ highlights how supporters of ousted President Morsi blocked judges from entering High Constitutional Court building



Fri, 08 Apr 2022 - 11:33 GMT


Fri, 08 Apr 2022 - 11:33 GMT

File: Yasser Galal and Sabry Fawaz in a scene from episode 6 of “El Ekhteyar”

File: Yasser Galal and Sabry Fawaz in a scene from episode 6 of “El Ekhteyar”

Episode 6 of “El Ekhteyar” ( The Choice) part 3 highlighted how Muslim Brotherhood Guidance Bureau planned for Morsi and pro-Sharia law demonstrations in support of ousted President Mohamed Morsi's contentious constitutional declaration.

The series revealed how Egyptian General Intelligence Directorate officers are working to thwart the smuggle of large collection of weapons.

The highly popular patriotic series tackled the bad intentions of Muslim Brother leader Khairat el Shater ( Khaled el Sawy) towards Egyptian security agencies who said “For me police officers, army officers and judges are all traitors.”

The series reminded us how the High Constitutional Court suspended all its sessions, after supporters of ousted President Mohamed Morsy surrounded the building and blocked judges from entering.

 Former Minister of Defense-the current President of Egypt- Abdel Fattah El Sisi ( Yasser Galal) said “Contravention of Judiciary is considered infringement of Egypt’s reputation.”

Sisi added that Egyptian army is backing Egypt’s judges and ready to protect them against any form of harm.

“El Ekhteyar” revealed for the first time that Morsi told Sisi that the Egyptian Army must interfere to prevent clashes between supporters and opponents but Sisi refused because both sides are Egyptians.

“If Egypt Army decides to deploy on the streets, in this case you won’t be the president anymore” Sisi said to Morsi.


Episode 5 highlighted how Christians in Egypt were facing unprecedented levels of persecution during ousted President Morsi regime.

This fact was crystal clear when Morsi didn’t attend the celebration tailor made for Pope Tawadros after assuming the leadership of the Egyptian Coptic Orthodox Church at the St. Mark Cathedral in Abbasiya in Cairo.

The episode also reminded us with the constitutional declaration released by Morsi which granted him the powers to issue any decision or law without any alternative authority in the country having the power to oppose or revoke it.

On the aftermath of this constitutional declaration Sisi said to Morsi “The constitutional declaration will lead to the division of the Egyptian people.”

Sisi added that Egyptian army will not allow any kind of division or strife in Egypt.

“All Egyptians have to agree upon the constitutional declaration otherwise Egypt will slide towards civil war” Sisi recounted to Morsi.

El Ekhteyar P3 leaked a video to MB leader Khairat el Shater saying: “More than half of Muslim Brotherhood Guidance Bureau’s members were tried in military court so when dealing with any matter related to Egyptian army we feel we want vengeance.”

El Ekhteyar P3, Former Minister of Defense-the current President of Egypt- Abdel Fattah El Sisi said to ousted President Morsi “If you don’t agree with my opinion I am ready to submit my resignation right away.”




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