24 shorts compete in AIWFF’s International Competition for Short Films



Sun, 20 Feb 2022 - 02:30 GMT


Sun, 20 Feb 2022 - 02:30 GMT

The sixth edition of Aswan International Women Film Festival’s ( AIWFF) International Competition for Short Films is housing 24 short films from 22 different countries.


The competing short movies include: 

1) “1+1” - Egypt
2)What We Don’t Know About Mariam - Egypt
3) Microbus - Egypt, USA
4) Sham Ennessim - USA, Egypt
5)Phoenix - Tunisia
6) Jeans - Morocco
7) The Sea Bride - Bahrain
8)August Sky - Brazil, Iceland
9)Cold Beds - France
10) Deaf - Spain
11) Good Thanks, You? - UK
12) Love Stories on the Move - Romania
13) The Letter Room - USA
14) Five Tiger - South Africa
15)Silent Night - Russia
16) The Son - Russia
17) Frimas - Canada
18)Intercom 15 - Romania
19)The Girl Who Comes on Thursdays - Spain
20) Trumpets in the Sky - Palestine, Lebanon, France, Belgium
21) Butterfly Jam - France, Taiwan
22) Elena - Lithuania, France, Croatia
23) Steakhouse - Slovenia, Germany, France
24) The Boob Fairy - France

Aswan International Women Film Festival decided to grant Isis Achievement Award to veteran Egyptian actress Sawsan Badr in recognition of her long artistic career and her great contribution to Egyptian and Arab cinema screen.



Badr is scheduled to receive the award on the sixth edition of the festival which will take place from February 23 to 28. 

Chairman of the festival board of trustees ambassdor Mervat El-Talawi , said that Sawsan Badr represents a wonderful example of the creativity of Egyptian women on the cinema screen.



Talawi added that Badr is a talented actress who is totally aware of women and society issues, so it was not strange for her to participate in films that boldly and enlighteningly discuss women's issues from all social classes including “ Ehky ya Shahrazad” ( Narrate To Us Shahrazad), “ El Shouk” ( Love), “678”, “ Qas W Lazk” among others.


Talawi explained that beside having great talent as an actress, Badr is also personally loved by Egyptian and Arab audience, perhaps due to her very Egyptian features, as she is regarded as the legitimate heir of pharaonic women who were carved on the walls of the temples of ancient Egypt, or as described by the late director Shadi Abdel Salam. as “ A woman who was ran away from the temple".




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