Sculptor Essam Darwish prepares to complete statue of Egypt’s legendary actor Mahmoud Yassin in Port Said



Mon, 20 Sep 2021 - 02:22 GMT


Mon, 20 Sep 2021 - 02:22 GMT

FILE - Late actor Mahmoud Yassin

FILE - Late actor Mahmoud Yassin

CAIRO – 20 September 2021: Sculptor Essam Darwish, Professor of Sculpture at Helwan University, said that he is preparing to complete a statue of the late legendary actor Mahmoud Yassin in downtown Port Said.




Darwish added that he is looking forward to the bronze statue that will be fortified with a granite base to become unbreakable and to be able to withstand erosion factors and volatile climatic conditions.




Moreover, Darwish stated that he expects placing the statue in a privileged location in the valiant city of Port Said due to the popularity of the late actor Mahmoud Yassin in his hometown, adding that the statue is expected to be placed in front of the Port Said Culture Palace in the heart of the city.




Darwish explained that he had previously designed a statue of Saad Zagloul in Port Said, pointing to the keenness of Governor of Port Said Adel Ghadban to provide all necessary means for the production of artworks aimed at beautifying the city.




Furthermore, Darwish praised the spirit that he encounters when designing artworks in Port Said, stressing that the people of Port Said enjoy a high artistic taste and love art because of the spirit they carry that loves beauty. 




In addition, the sculptor Essam Darwish had designed the statue of the entrance to the Suez Canal, where he stressed that the idea of creating the statue focused on expressing Egypt because the area in which it will be established is international, as ships from all over the world cross it.




He added that the choice fell in the end for the statue to be in the form of a woman as women are a symbol of sacrifice and giving, citing artworks that called for sculpture in the world and that women were always chosen as a symbol of nations such as the Statue of Liberty in the United States of America.




Darwish also stated that the ores of the statue are bronze. He chose bronze because it lives for longer periods, pointing out that in contrast, it was erected at a height of 10 meters, which is the highest height of a statue in Port Said.




He pointed out that the base of the statue is made of granite, which is a kind of durable materials of value, which adds value to the statue and preserves it.




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