French-Lebanese Singer Eliz Murad return with debut EP APOCALYPSNA


Mon, 13 Sep 2021 - 03:40 GMT


Eliz Murad - APOCALYPSNA - Release Date September 10
Eliz drops new EP APOCALYPSANA ‘blending rock and electropop with a touch of soul’
You know you’re dealing with a powerful album when it’s called APOCALYPSNA. 
And considering the events over the last few years, it’s an entirely fitting title for Eliz Murad’s debut EP. 
French/Lebanese artist Eliz created 20 tracks during the APOCALYPSNA album process during lockdown at her home in Lyon. And working alongside beatmaker Mickael Anselmi and producer Alienized, Eliz narrowed her recordings to the strongest core tracks. 
But let’s talk about that EP title first. What does it mean?
“I invented it spontaneously during the Covid crisis,” says Eliz. “I noticed that each of the songs was inspired by this special time and I wanted an international word that could be Arabized.”
The album is shot through with rock and electropop energy and then blended with a touch of soul to create a striking and unique sound. And it also features Eliz’s trademark mix of Arabic language with more Western sounds, creating a diverse release. 
“I love them all, each has its own universe,” says Eliz. “I am happy that the EP is varied and each song has its own unique emotion.”
It wasn’t just the Covid pandemic that inspired Eliz into musical action. The lead single from APOCALYPSNA was Beirut, a love song written to the city following the tragic blast at the city’s port on August 4, 2020.
‘Beirut’ was released a year to the day following the tragic blast and received widespread support while also raising money for Live Love Beirut.
About Eliz Murad
Eliz Murad was born in France to two Lebanese parents. She grew up with a dual culture which has enriched her imagination since childhood. That dual culture included music: where she discovered Fayrouz, Asmahan, Majda El Roumi from her mother's radio, Eliz discovered Tina Turner and Nirvana on her own. Those discoveries led to her buying a bass guitar and learning music. 
She knew from an early age she wanted to mix the Arabic language with rock music energy and create a bridge between all the music genres and universes that are one in her head. 
After ten years as Teleferik's lead singer and bass player, Eliz traded her bass for her guitar. She then began her solo career as an author, composer and singer.



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