Egypt’s Tazkarti signs unprecedented contract with Cairo Show starting with ‘Ya Ma Fe El Gerab Ya Hawy’



Tue, 27 Jul 2021 - 08:51 GMT


Tue, 27 Jul 2021 - 08:51 GMT

File: Montasser El Nabrawy and Magdy El Hawary.

File: Montasser El Nabrawy and Magdy El Hawary.

CAIRO - 27 July 2021: The leading company in the electronic reservation system for tickets and the organization of public events ‘Tazkarti’ headed by acclaimed marketing expert Montasser El Nabarawy, signed an unprecedented contract in the Egyptian market with  "Cairo Show" theater headed by Magdy El-Hawary.


Cairo Show is the first private sector entity for the entertainment and live shows industry.


According to the new contract, Tazkarti obtained the exclusive right to reserve and market tickets for all “Cairo Show” shows, according to an ambitious plan that includes theatrical shows, concerts for big stars, and various entertainment events throughout the year.


This agreement came in the context of Nabarawy vision to promote  culture, entertainment and arts to serve the Egyptian public and spread the culture of live performances and theatrical seasons extending in summer and winter, for which Egypt has been famous for decades.





The first cooperation between Tazkarti and Cairo Show will be through the long awaited  play "Yama Fe El Gerab Ya Hawi" staring the great Egyptian star Yehia El Fakharany.


“Yama Fe El Gerab Ya Hawi” which is one of the stories of “Alf Leila W Leila” will kick off on August 26.

“Ya Ma Fe El Gerab Ya Hawi” is a musical comedy play that includes all the elements of theatrical drama, suspense and human conflict in events that combine love, betrayal, conspiracy and the struggle for power.

The play is written by late veteran writer Beiram el Tonsi and directed by Magdy el Hawary.


“ Ya Ma Fe El Gerab Ya Hawi”  houses a notable group of stars beside Fakhrany including Eyad Nassar in his first theatrical role,Mohamed  el Sharnouby, Carmen Soliman, Nasser Seif, Lobna Wanas, Sherif el Dessouky among others.


Montasser El Nabrawy is one of the leading marketing experts in Egypt and MENA region as well.


Nabrawy lead Tazkarti to be one of the top companies that put Egypt in the forefront of the countries worldwide in the field of organizing events and tickets system.

Tazkarti through Nabrawy  vision managed to achieve a series of sucesses in the last few years by organizing many events, starting from the opening and closing ceremonies of the African Nations Championship, in addition to the the World Cup draw, many festivals and large artistic concerts, the latest of which is the Cairo Film Festival, which was held in the Opera in December, 2020.

Tazkarti was also the creator of the Egyptian Fan ID for the first time in Egypt under the trademark Tazkarti Fan ID. The company offered a ticket marketplace for different types of events across Egypt.



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