July 26 marks Alexandria’s National Day



Thu, 22 Jul 2021 - 12:43 GMT


Thu, 22 Jul 2021 - 12:43 GMT

Alexandria - Min. of Tourism & Antiquities

Alexandria - Min. of Tourism & Antiquities

CAIRO – 22 July 2021: Alexandria is the beacon of the Mediterranean, the city of history, love and beauty. 




Alexander the Great built this city in the year (332 BC. AD), to be the capital of his great empire.




Alexandria has for many decades been the home for writers, poets and artists.




The city of Alexandria celebrates, on the 26th of July every year, the governorate's National Day.




It is the day that coincides with the departure of King Farouk on board the "Mahrousa" yacht, on his way to exile in Italy, following the revolution of July 23, 1952.




Alexandria, with its unique location on the waters of the Mediterranean, was a witness to the birth and decline of the Alawite state in Egypt, with the departure of its last rulers.




In the spring of 1802, the people of Alexandria gathered in the sea port of Abu Qir, waiting for the arrival of an Albanian battalion led by Mohammad Ali. The battalion was sent by the Ottoman Empire, to wrest Egypt again from the hands of the French, who occupied it for 3 years.




Mohammad Ali, the Albanian leader, was able to reach the rule of Egypt, after removing all opponents from his path, and establishing modern Egypt.




A century and a half after the family of Mohammad Ali assumed power in Egypt, the Free Officers managed to overthrow the rule of the Alawite dynasty.




The city of Alexandria witnessed the departure of its last ruler, King Farouk, on board the “Mahrousa” yacht, from a small port attached to Ras El-Tin Palace, on July 26, 1952.




This day was later announced the National Day of Alexandria. 




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