Aswan International Women Film Festival to open Nut Forum, honors Maya Morsy on June 25



Tue, 22 Jun 2021 - 01:41 GMT


Tue, 22 Jun 2021 - 01:41 GMT

File: Maya Morsy.

File: Maya Morsy.

CAIRO - 22 June 2021: Aswan International Women Film Festival announced the opening of Nut Forum for Women’s Issues on the morning of June 25 in the presence of Dr. Maya Morsy, President of Egypt’s National Council for Women, Ambassador Mervat El Tellawi, Chairman of the Festival’s Board of Trustees, Dr. Azza Kamel, Director of the Forum among a number of guests, honorees and partnering institutions.


Among the speakers at the Forum’s Opening Ceremony are representatives from Plan International Egypt , ACT Foundation, the “Ghalya” Initiative by ALEXBANK, to name a few.

The Nut Forum will be awarding Dr. Maya Morsy with the Nut Grand Award for Achievement for her tireless efforts in fields involving women and her ability to instigate change and bring justice to women in all levels.
Kuwaiti Dr. Fayza Al-Kharafi will also be honored with the Nut Award for Excellence, in recognition of her role in the change taking place during the past few years and in the fields of science, education, public work and feminist leadership in the Arab world.
She was also the first Kuwaiti women to hold the Dean position of the College of Science at Kuwait University, the first woman in the Gulf to rank Minister, and as of 2002, a holder of The Kuwait Liberation Medal of the First Class.
The fifth edition of Aswan International Women Film Festival will kick off from June 24-29.
The fifth edition carries the name of “The Nile” edition.
Designed by artist Maha Hamdy, the festival poster shows a woman dominating the composition, behind her frames of a golden film strip atop a background of overlapping waves of water shining in the spotlight.
Holding several meanings, the first being the distinguished features and tan of the Egyptian woman; her attire, blending between the Pharaonic civilization and the dark brocade rustic fabric; and her posture like that of an Egyptian crowned queen.
The waves in the background are an innovative take on how the Nile River is interpreted in Ancient Egyptian murals, while the Lotus flowers painted gold by the sun are known to resemble strength and power.
While the poster is not symmetrical, all elements adopted represent Egypt and its current asymmetrical state.
Aswan International Women Film Festival revealed the names of Egyptian Film Competition jury members.

The jury members are Egyptian Actor and Director Ahmed Magdy, Tunisian Actress Dorra Zarrouk and Egyptian Producer Hesham Soliman. 




The 5th edition of AIWFF announced as well the names of its Jury members for the Euro-Mediterranean Film Competition sponsored by the European Union in Egypt in collaboration with EUNIC Egypt.


The jury head is Palestinian director and writer Najwa Najjar, Moroccan reporter  and Casablanca Film Festival Director Fatma El Nawaly, Egyptian Actor Sherif Ramzy and Egyptian Director and Producer Sherif Mandour.


The festival also announced that its Jury for the Short Film International Competition will house Egyptian star Hana Shiha, Greek Director Ioana Kriona and Syrian-Dutch Artistic Director of the Arab Film Festival in Rotterdam Rosh Abdelfatah.


The festival decided to honor the iconic French actress Macha Méril at its opening ceremony that will take place on June 24-29 in Aswan, Egypt. 

Born in Rabat, Morocco to a father from the Russian princely house Gagarin and mother from a noble Ukranian family, her career in cinema has included 125 films between 1959 and 2012.
Actress and director, she is best known for her roles in Dario Argento's Deep Red (1975), Luis Buñuel’s Belle de Jour (1967) and  Agnès Varda’s Vagabond (1985).
The fifth edition of AIWFF5 is sponsored by"Ghalya" initiative by ALEXBANK which is the festival Strategic Handicrafts Partner.
“Ghalya” by ALEXBANK is a platform for multiple initiatives that aim to empower women in the fields of Education, Employment, Economic Empowerment, and Health and Wellbeing.
Launched in the first Women Economic Forum Egypt in March 2020, “Ghalya” is set to put ALEXBANK’s female employees as well as women across Egypt at the center of its sustainable growth and value creation cycle.
“Ghalya” by ALEXBANK is also the strategic partner to Egypt’s National Council for Women's nation-wide initiative ‘Taa Marbouta’ empowering Egyptian women in the local workforce.






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