Arab Antiquities Preservation Committee performs restoration work at Ablution fountain Dome of Sultan Hassan mosque


Sat, 29 May 2021 - 02:01 GMT

File: Sultan Hassan Mosque.

File: Sultan Hassan Mosque.


CAIRO - 29 May 2021: Dr Osama Talaat, head of the Islamic, Coptic and Jewish antiquities sector at the Supreme Council of Antiquities, heading an archaeological and engineering team, went to inspect the wooden flap of the Ablution fountain (Fawara) Dome of Sultan Hassan Mosque which fell this morning.
He said that the  wooden flap that fell today was part of the restoration work carried out by the Arab Antiquities Preservation Committee in the mosque during the first half of last century, as they replaced the dilapidated authentic flap with a new modern one which fell today due to erosion.
He added that  both the dome and the mosque are in a good state of preservation, and that a specialized team has been formed from the restorers of the Supreme Council of Antiquities and will start immediately the restoration and maintenance work in the dome to restore the flap to its original condition.
The mosque and Madrassa (Quranic school) of Sultan Hassan was established by Sultan Al-Nasir Hassan bin Al-Nasser Muhammad bin Qalawun, and its construction began in 757 AH, and the construction of the largest part of it was completed in 762 AH. Work on it continued even after the death of Sultan Hassan in 764 AH.
The mosque was built in the style of Islamic mosques, consisting of a central open courtyard surrounded by four iwans, the largest of which is the qibla prayer house (iwan), and in the middle is a dome carried on eight marble columns.



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