Egypt’s tourism, antiquities, environment ministers discuss ways to support ecotourism


Mon, 24 May 2021 - 12:48 GMT

Egypt's River Nile - ET

Egypt's River Nile - ET

CAIRO – 24 May 2021: Minister of Tourism and Antiquities Khaled el-Enani convened with Minister of Environment Yasmine Fouad on May 24, to discuss ways to support environmental and sustainable tourism and organize tourism activities to promote the Egyptian environmental tourism product in the local and international markets.




The meeting was held in the presence of a number of leaders of the two ministries. 




During the meeting, Enani praised the ministry's efforts in the field of ecotourism, especially the Eco Egypt campaign to promote ecotourism. He stressed the need to promote the ecotourism product more broadly within the plan to promote tourism in Egypt locally and internationally by screening a series of short films in tourism exhibitions, in which the Ministry of Tourism participates.




Yasmine Fouad stressed the importance of preserving the environmental balance, organizing land, marine and fishing activities, and choosing appropriate sites for practicing tourist activities to encourage the shift towards a green economy.




She also recommended spreading environment friendly practices in the tourism sector, by strengthening partnerships with the private sector and international bodies to conserve nature, protect its resources and biodiversity, while making the best use of our natural resources.




Fouad also expressed her appreciation for the efforts of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities that aim to protect the environment.




During the meeting, a number of common issues were reviewed, including the efforts of the ministries of tourism, antiquities and environment in the Eco Egypt campaign to promote environmental tourism and raise the awareness of the tourism sector workers of the importance of protecting the environment.




This is in addition to addressing the updates of the green star brand and the green vino brand and ways to promote these brands within the tourism sector, as well as activating environment-friendly hotel licenses, while supporting ways to strengthen guides in ecotourism in cooperation with the concerned authorities.




The efforts of the Ministry of Environment to monitor sharks were also discussed, as the two ministers agreed to hold a meeting with all the concerned parties to discuss wrong practices and develop an action plan that clarifies the institutions’ and individuals’ responsibilities in this important issue.




The two ministers also tackled developing procedures for environmental impact assessment studies for hotel and tourism establishments to provide a sustainable climate for environmental tourism work. This comes in line with the 2030 strategy for sustainable development.




This meeting came within the framework of the fruitful and continuous cooperation between the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, and the Ministry of Environment. It also comes in light of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities’ strategy for sustainable development to maintain the environmental balance and develop procedures for environmental impact assessment studies for hotel and tourism establishments.




The ministry’s strategy also targets the sustainability of tourism and archaeological activity by setting controls to regulate the optimal use of sites of an environmental nature and to preserve natural sites and reserves.




Furthermore, the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities’ strategy for sustainable development aims to work to provide an integrated and sustainable environmental system, to enhance Egyptian leadership, increase dependence on renewable energy, preserve nature, protect its resources and biodiversity, and adopt sustainable consumption and production patterns to make the best use of natural resources.










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