Egypt’s ‘El Ekhteyar’ highlights Muslim Brotherhood attempt to assassinate President Sisi in 2019


Fri, 07 May 2021 - 11:43 GMT

File: The terrorists Mahmoud Imam Negm and Mohamed Hany Qablan.

File: The terrorists Mahmoud Imam Negm and Mohamed Hany Qablan.

CAIRO - 7 May 2021: Highly sucessful Egyptian series “El Ekhteyar” ( The Choice) revealed in its 25th episode the details of Muslim Brotherhood plan to assassinate President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi.


Police officers of National Security department managed to arrest terrorists and snipers Mahmoud Imam Negm and Mohamed Hany Qablan who are members in Lewaa el Thawraa organization affiliated to Muslim Brotherhood.

Negm confessed to National security officer Youssef el Refai ( Ahmed Mekky)  that he was heading to a flat near Mamoura presidential guest house to assassinate President Sisi.


Negm confessed that they were going to bomb the Nile Towers first then head to Alexandria and stay in a flat in Mamoura and follow the instructions of a guy named Ammar.


Amar told Negm and his fellow Qablan that President Sisi visits Mamoura Presidential guest house regularly with his private jet.


Qablan confessed to Zakaria Younis ( Karim Abdel Aziz) that this apartment was about 700 meters far from Mamoura Presidential guest house and the terrorists were going to use it to shoot President Sisi with the sniper’s rifle and they prepared a black box in order not to show the rifle and it has an opening for the sniper and the camera.


It is worth mentioning that President Sisi is one of the most wanted Presidents in the world to be assassinated because of his bold stances and brave actions pertaining to combating terrorism and extremism.


Egyptian star Maged el Kidwany caught our eyes by his first appearance in ” El Ekhteyar” part 2.


Kidwany appeared in the last scene of episode 20, embodying the new head of the National Security sector in the Minstry of Interior named Mourad.


Mourad in the events of the series serves as the new boss of Egyptian police officers Zakaria Younis ( Karim Abdel Aziz) and Youssef el Refai ( Ahmed Mekky).


Mourad will play a vital role in the coming period pertaining to combating terrorism and protecting Egypt from the attack of multiple terrorist cells, so no one other than the charismatic and super talented Maged el Kidwany could convey  this highly important role on screen.


Episode 19 of “El Ekhteyar” ( The Choice) part 2 takes the social media by storm as it housed happy moments of Aleya ( Asmaa Abul Yazid) and Youssef ( Ahmed Mekky) but at the same time reminded us with the grief of the martyrdom of Egypt's public prosecutor, Hisham Barakat who has been killed in a bomb attack on his car in Cairo in 2015.


The late great martyr Barakat died of his wounds in hospital after the bombing in Heliopolis.


Muslim Brotherhood elements who claim that they defend Islam and follow its instructions, killed Barakat in Ramadan, he was fasting and reading Quran.


On the other hand social media users interacted much with Aleya and Youssef wedding.


Who said that a wedding has to be extravagant to catch the attention? 


Aleya and Youssef wedding was so simple yet so much adorable and joyful.


All the girls and young men  wished to be in Aleya and Youssef place because their sincere and strong love is what made their wedding really unique despite its simplicity.


Episode 19 of “El Ekhteyar” part 2 housed other touchy moments like the death of Youssef father named Refaie embodied by late veteran actor Hady el Gayar which we lost in real this year because of COVID-19.


Also we discovered in this episode that Nadia ( Ingy el Mokaddem) the wife of Zakaria ( Karim Abdel Aziz) has cancer.


“ El Ekhteyar”  series part 2 houses a notable group of stars and guests of honor including Karim Abdel Aziz, Ahmed Mekky, Ahmed Fahmy, Tarek Sabry, Omar el Shenawy, Ingy el Mokaddem, Bushra, Eyad Nassar, Ahmed Shaker, late veteran actor Hady el Gayar, among others.

Produced by leading production company, Synergy, “El-Ekhteyar” part 2 is written by Hani Sarhan and directed by Peter Mimi. 




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