‘28 Back & Forth’, graduation project to highlight Egyptian tourist attractions



Thu, 06 May 2021 - 02:10 GMT


Thu, 06 May 2021 - 02:10 GMT

FILE-Siwa Oasis in Egypt

FILE-Siwa Oasis in Egypt

CAIRO – 6 May 2021: A number of students of the Faculty of Mass Communication at MSA University presented a graduation project entitled “28 Back & Forth” to highlight Egypt’s unknown tourist attractions, customs and traditions.




It is a graduation project created by Reham El-Gazzar, Reem Ahmed, Noura al-Massian, Aynor Nashat, in their last year at the Department of Advertising and Public Relations.





The project is named after the 28 Egyptian governorates, to be discovered during its course.




The "28 Back and Forth" campaign focuses on the hidden side of Egypt by discovering hidden gems in its cities. It also focuses on all the special and distinctive details of each city in Egypt, from the unknown tourist places to the customs and traditions.




Participants in this graduation project have conducted extensive research on domestic tourism to highlight the reasons behind the Egyptians’ insufficient knowledge about the hidden places and customs of their country.




They sought the help of tourism companies to support their research with reliable statistics. They also made important interviews with the people of each governorate.




On their social media pages, the team has published videos and photos of their trips, and so far they have visited Nubia, Siwa, Port Said, Port Fouad, and Ras El-Bar.










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