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Hany Shaker rejects use of his songs, photos by Israeli Police campaign

Wed, Jul. 5, 2017
CAIRO – 5 July 2017: Prominent Egyptian singer Hany Shaker, who is entitled the prince of Arab singing, expressed on Wednesday his complete refusal of the use of his photos and song by Israeli Police in a media campaign.

He told MENA that he was surprised earlier Wednesday when he found his photo along with parts of his famous song "ghalta" (mistake) used in media campaigns by the Israeli Police.

It is impossible for me to be involved in a campaign by Israeli Police for promoting the role of Israeli police stations in maintaining security within Arab countries, he added

Shaker affirmed that using his photos by such an entity is offensive for him and the Egyptian art as a whole.

Shaker further added that his attitude toward the Palestinian issue is the same, pointing out that he and all Egyptian syndicates and parties reject normalization with Israel until comprehensive peace is achieved in the Middle East
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