Egypt’s ‘Cairo-Kabul’: A foreign country arrests Sheikh Ramzy



Sun, 02 May 2021 - 01:58 GMT


Sun, 02 May 2021 - 01:58 GMT

File: Tarek Lotfy.

File: Tarek Lotfy.

CAIRO - 2 May 2021: Episode 19 of successful series “Cairo-Kabul” housed a big surprise as one of the foreign country arrested Sheikh Ramzy ( Tarek Lotfy).


The series didn’t show clearly the name of this country.

On the other hand Hassan ( Nabil el Halafawy) married Reem ( Sherine). 



Episode after episode “Cairo-Kabul” series takes us into the deep world of terrorist groups to know how these groups were formed, how these extremists think and what is their real target.


In episode 18 of “ Cairo - Kabul” we found that police officer Adel (Khaled Al-Sawy) recruited Osama (Khaled Kamal) to work with him.


Manal (Hanan Motawie) agreed to consummate her marriage, while Sheikh Ramzy ( Tarek Lotfy) the leader of the terrorist group, gives a sermon to the members of his group to start preparing for the establishment of the so-called new Islamic State soon.


Ramzy companions are Egyptians only, and they are equipped with explosive belts, which indicated Ramzy’s fear for his life on one hand, and his fear of betrayal on the other hand.


The episode ended with more doses of excitement when the Egyptian National Security department prepares a special secret agent to plant  inside Ramzy’s terrorist group to work to dismantle it and arrest its members.



Sheikh Ramzy announced in previous episodes that the next period will witness the occurrence of big events, and announced the formation of a new terrorist group other than Taliban and Al Qaeda.


Ramzy asked Sheikh Newer to search for new young men who can use technology and social media  to enable their terrorist group to exist on the Internet.



” Anger acts as a fuel, an angry young man can be filled with what you want" Ramzy said to Newer.


In previous episodes Sheikh Ramzy declared his terrorist group's responsibility for assassinating his old friend, the Egyptian director Khaled Abdel Rahman ( Ahmed Rezk) because of his film that insults Islam from Ramzy point of view and pledges that the same fate awaits anyone who offends Islam.


On the other hand TV presenter Tarek ( Fathy Abdel Wahab) conducted an exclusive video interview with Sheikh Ramzy where the latter confessed that his terrorist group killed number of Americans.


Sheikh Ramzy announced that his upcoming targets will include bombing churches as well as spreading terror and fear among all those who described as Islam enemies.


The events of Cairo-Kabul series reached its peak previously when  Sheikh Ramzy announced the  ambitions and plans of his terrorist group to make Mecca the seat of the throne, and transfer Egypt, Syria and Iraq to 3 states affiliated to his terrorist group after receiving a huge foreign funding allocated to the terrorist group.


Lotfy previously released a number of photos of himself portraying Ramzy Abdel Sattar the influential emir of one of the terrorist groups in the successful Ramadan series Cairo-Kabul.


The photos revealed the contradicted emotions of Abdel Sattar which lotfy portrayed brilliantly.


Egypt’s ‘Cairo-Kabul’ series screens daily on CBC channel.


“ Cairo-Kabul” series stars a notable group of stars such as Tarek Lotfy, Khaled el-Sawy, Fathy Abdel-Wahab, Nabil el Halafawy, Hanan Motawie,Sherine among others.


The series is directed by Hossam Ali, written by Abdel Rahim Kamal and produced by Synergy.

The deal with the three stars Sawy, Abdel Wahab and Lotfy to work together  in “Cairo-Kabul” was sealed in strict secrecy. 


“ Cairo-Kabul” revolves around three main characters, the media man played by Abdel Wahab, the police officer performed by El Sawy and the terrorist embodied by Lotfy.




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