Egypt’s ‘Hagma Mortada’: The real tale of hidden heroes


Thu, 22 Apr 2021 - 01:12 GMT

File: Ahmed Ezz and Hend Sabry in a scene from Hagma Mortada series.

File: Ahmed Ezz and Hend Sabry in a scene from Hagma Mortada series.



CAIRO - 22 April 2021: “Hagma Mortada” ( Counter Attack) series managed in few days to put  Egyptian and Arab viewers in front of many facts and truths, that they know nothing about, despite being part of.
Episode after episode, “ Hagma Mortada” tries to shed light on hidden worlds and reveals unspoken things that happened in the history of Egypt and the entire Arab region starting from 2007.
The series discusses the great effort of the Egyptian intelligence men in terms of protecting national security and the advanced technique they use to access information accurately, no matter how other parties try to hide.
The first episode of the series began with the arrest of an agent who was cooperating with the Egyptian intelligence , after an action-style chase.
After that, the events of the series took us smoothly  inside the Egyptian intelligence building, which gave us for the first time in drama an insightful look at the Egyptian intelligence officers, how wise, smart, professional they are, how they deal with matters firmly, wisely and calmly, the example on that was Egyptian intelligence officer Refaat El messiri ( Hisham Selim) who was dealing with all the critical files in a brilliant and balanced way.
Then “ Hagma Mortada” took us to scenes of shooting between US forces and Iraqi militants, and introduced Egyptian intelligence agent  Seif el Araby ( Ahmed Ezz) who escaped from death, then was arrested in an American prison before his release.
Then we see how another Egyptian intelligence agent Dina ( Hend Sabry) was brilliantly planted in Europe, until a foreign intelligence tried to recruit her.
“ Hagma Mortada” revealed how Egyptian intelligence is very alert in terms of monitoring everything such as tension in the street, especially among young people, working with foreign institutions and international media outlets.
Episode 3 introduced us to the way intelligence men talk together, and the codes that characterize their dialogue.
One of the most turning points in the series was the death of Egyptian intelligence agents Ashraf ( Mohamed Ezz) and Osama ( Amir Salaheldin) and the negative impact their death left on Seif.
“ Hagma Mortada” gave us in depth look about the advanced technique Egyptian Intelligence uses in terms of training its agents and the successful missions these agents perform such when Seif was able to obtain pictures from an American prison in Iraq and sent them to the Egyptian Intelligence.
“Hagma Mortada” is full of surprises, suspense and unexpected events.
The first unexpected thing occurred when Seif was back to Egypt from Iraq and during his first personal meeting witn Refaat,the latter treated with Seif in a tepid way.
Seif explained to Refaat the situation in Iraq, confirming that Iraqi people talk about a plan to divide Iraq into three countries.
In one of the series master scenes Refaat surprised Seif saying that the latter committed a number of mistakes in Iraq and this is his last mission with the Egyptian intelligence the matter that caused a great psychological shock for Seif , who in return did not accept this fact but tried to pretend  that he is ok.
‘Hagma Mortada’ revealed many mysteries that happened in Egypt in the past period, where it tackled the real target of an international media agency in Egypt to cause chaos through issues such as the persecution of copts.
Another master scene was when  Dina’s organization informed her that she will be a guest in a program with a Zionist, which is conseidered as a trap for her, which necessitated that she had to train well for this program.
“Hagma Mortada”  series witnessed significant escalation of the series events as Seif  ( Ahmed Ezz) discovered  that some mysterious men are following him and decided to inform Refaat el Messeiry who later asked him to return back to his work.
In Eastern Europe, Dina ( Hend Sabry) took an important position which made her return to Egypt, as she occupied the position of Director of the Regional Center of her Foundation in the Middle East.
Despite its slow pace “ Hagma Mortada” houses a number of master scenes and catchy events that gathered millions of views not only from Egypt but from the Arab world too.
‘Hagma Mortada’ series managed to achieve high popularity across the various social media platforms within few days of its launch in the current Ramadan race.
With the brilliant sincere performance of the series cast including Ahmed Ezz, Hend Sabry, Salah Abdallah, Hisham Selim, Magda Zaki, Nedal el Shafei, the real catchy script based on true facts by Baher Dewidar and the great effort of director Ahmed Alaa in terms of mastering all these details, made “ Hagma Mortada” the winning black horse of this Ramadan race in every sense of the word.
The series houses a soft romantic line represented by the almost impossible love relationship between the two agents Seif and Dina.
Both Ezz and Sabry managed to convey to us their contradicted feelings and how they are torn between their love and their duty which always comes first.
The sucessful series presented accurately the conflict in the Arab region as well as in the Middle East and the attempts to divide it.
Baher Dewidar the script writer of ‘Hagma Mortada’ series said that mechanisms  of intelligence drama differed from before, commenting: "In the last the main enemy was Israel and the military conflict was usually over an area of land, but today there are many parties to the game and they do not only pursue military interests."
The hashtag of ‘Hagma Mortada’ series and Egyptian star Ahmed Ezz topped Twitter trend list in Egypt everyday since the beginning of Ramadan.
The audience praised the events of the series and the performance of Ezz, confirming that the events of the series document the conflict in the Middle East and reveal the plot prepared to push the division of Arab countries.
”Hagma Mortada” is based on true stories from the files of the Egyptian intelligence that made all of us proud of these great men who are working hard continuously without getting any personal benefit, just for the sake of our ultimate passion which is Egypt.
The series tackled the destructive roles of five terrorist leaders who are Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, head of Al Qaeda in Iraq, Abou Talha el Kanany, Abu Omar el Mohager, Abou Ayoub el Masry and Abou Omar el Baghdadi and how they managed to reshape Iraq.
United Media Services and Synergy is leading this Ramadan a massive campaign to raise patriotic awareness, revealing facts and truths that were always present and will continue to happen but we used to know nothing about them.



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