Egypt’s stars Mona Zaki, Mohamed Mamdouh melt our hearts in ‘Lebet Neuton’ series



Mon, 19 Apr 2021 - 05:16 GMT


Mon, 19 Apr 2021 - 05:16 GMT

File: Mona Zaki.

File: Mona Zaki.

CAIRO - 19 April 2021: Egyptian superstar Mona Zaki and the super talented actor Mohamed Mamdouh melted our hearts with their emotion  scene in ”Lebet Neuton” ( Neuton Game) series.

Hana ( Mona Zaki) was talking on the phone with her husband Hazem ( Mohamed Mamdouh) and she told him for the first time that the doctor said she will give birth of a baby boy.

Hazem cried out of happiness and told Hana that he misses and need her a lot.


Hanaa expressed how much she misses Hazem as well and that she wishes to be with him.

The brilliant performance of these two giant actors grabbed our hearts.


Their tears, breaths, facial expressions and voices touched the audience hearts.

Since the beginning of Ramadan, “Lebet Neuton” series managed to grab wide attention.


The series maestro famed Egyptian director Marwan Mohsen presents a new and soft drama symphony in ‘Lebet Neuton’ series.

Mohsen who is at the same time the scriptwriter of the series supervised every single detail in the series and lead the actors to give their best.


”Lebet Neuton” revolves around the two married couple Hana and Hazem who decided to deliver their baby in the United States to get the American nationality as a result Hana travelled alone and Hazem stayed in Egypt.



Egyptian series ” Lebet Neuton” screens daily on DMC channel at 7:45 pm.


The series is replayed twice on 2 am and 10 am.



” Lebet Neuton” houses a notable group of stars such as Mona Zaki, Mohamed Farag, Mohamed Mamdouh, Sayed Ragab, Mayan Sayed among others.



The series is written and directed by Tamer Mohsen.





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