Ep5 of ‘El Ekhteyar’ series: A National epic dedicated to the souls of our martyrs


Sun, 18 Apr 2021 - 01:48 GMT

File: Glimpses from episode 5 of “El Ekhteyar” series part 2.

File: Glimpses from episode 5 of “El Ekhteyar” series part 2.


CAIRO - 18 April 2021:Episode 5 of “ El Ekhteyar” series was a National epic that unified all the Egyptians with every sense of the word.


After 8 years from Rabaa sit-in dispersal day, United Media Services headed by famed Egyptian producer Tamer Mursi decided to present to Egyptians and the whole world the truth about what happened on Rabaa sit-in dispersal.



What happened on Rabaa sit-in dispersal was that Muslim Brotherhood elements were trying to destroy Egypt completely and Egyptian police forces were defending Egypt in every sense of the word.

Episode 5 of “ El Ekhteyar” series started with what happened on real in all the Egyptian governorates on Rabaa sit-in dispersal.

Muslim Brotherhood on Rabaa sit-in dispersal day asked people to join them and started doing violence acts.

 Egyptian police forces asked people at Rabaa sit-in to peacefully leave the square but they refused.

Muslim Brotherhood elements started shooting at the Egyptian police forces.

 Muslim Brotherhood also started spreading fake news that the Egyptian police forces are killing thousands of people at Rabaa sit-in.

In the same day Muslim Brotherhood started planning for a series of Assassinations that targeted public figures to destruct the Egyptian state.

The devilish target of Muslim Brotherhood at Rabaa sit-in day was to create a civil war and divide Egyptian people to two sections, each is fighting the other.

Muslim Brotherhood leaders deceived their followers and push them to do violent acts to die instead of them.


Egyptian police forces was keen to protect the lives of all Egyptians, including Muslim Brotherhood followers.

Muslim Brotherhood started doing destructive actions including burning courts, schools, mosques, churchs as well as attacking police stations.

Muslim Brotherhood elements severely attacked Beni Sweif police station and killed its police officers.

Muslim Brotherhood leaders asked people to join them in their destructive actions using religion as slogan and hiding behind it.

Muslim Brotherhood was planning to destroy the Egyptian state but Egyptian police forces succeeded in offsetting their bloody plots.

Episode 5 of “ El Ekhteyar” series houses a real testimonies on what happened at Rabaa sit-in dispersal day.

 United Media Services presented a National epic by all means, documenting with real testimonies what happened on Rabaa sit-in dispersal.

Although Egyptian police forces made outstanding efforts to save the lives of Egyptians from the danger of Rabaa sit-in, a number of brave martyrs fell from the security forces while performing their great duty.

The number of martyrs from the police forces during Rabaa sit-in dispersal reached 8 martyrs and 156 wounded, and two policemen were killed, and 14 others were wounded during the dispersal of the Al-Nahda Square sit-in, thousands of bullets were seized in Al-Nahda Square.


After Rabaa sit-in dispersal several terrorist cells were formed and their members carried out many terrorist operations that targeted policemen, which resulted in the death of a large number of officers and individuals.


Ministry of Interior succeeded in bringing down a large number of these cells, and the confessions of its members included that a number of them communicated with each other during their participation in Rabaa sit-in.

The number of police forces martyrs, during the month that witnessed the events of Rabaa sit-in reached 114 martyrs, their blood sanitized the streets of Egypt from traitors.

Hats off to leading Egyptian production company Synergy presenting this highly important documentary-episode that revealed to the whole world what happened on Rabaa sit-in dispersal day minute by minute with real testimonies.


Synergy dedicated this episode to the souls of our great martyrs who sacrificed with their lives to protect us to be able to be here today and narrate their story.

Muslim Brotherhood attacked Kerdasa police station and killed chief police officer Mohamed Gabr performed in the series by Egyptian star Ashraf Abdel Baky.

Ep5 of El Ekhteyar p2 topped  Twitter trend, revealing the true facts of Rabaa sit-in dispersal after the passage of about 8 years.




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