Egypt’s superstar Nelly Karim, Asser Yassin to team in audio-drama ‘Ashan the Big Million’



Sat, 10 Apr 2021 - 12:48 GMT


Sat, 10 Apr 2021 - 12:48 GMT

File: Nelly Karim and Asser Yassin.

File: Nelly Karim and Asser Yassin.


CAIRO - 10 April 2021: After the huge success of they achieved in  ‘Bi 100 Wesh’ ( With 100 Faces) series, Egyptian superstars Nelly Karim and Asser Yassin are will reunion again this Ramadan in the audio-drama  “Ashan the Big Million” (For the Big Million) on Radio Energy.
The series revolves around a handsome man from an aristocratic family who is forced by his uncles to marry to find himself at the end of the day meeting a woman different from all his previous dreams.  
“Ashan the Big Million” is set to broadcast daily during Ramadan on NRJ radio station at 3:30 pm, replaying at 8:00 pm and the day after at 1:15 pm.
“ Bi 100 Wesh” or “La Casa de Bolaq’’ as viewers on social media have branded it, likening it to Le Casa de Papel, was the funniest offering in Ramadan 2020.

Sokkar ( Nelly Karim) and Omar ( Asser Yassin) came from two different worlds but have a common goal: to be millionaires, as is clear from the theme song of the series which has become very popular. 

Though the two swindlers each have their own ways of pulling off cons, they decide to come together and use their criminal skills to work on a number of jobs. 

This is a very simple comedy that is free of any complications or sophisticated plot turns, and you don’t have to concentrate much on its tiny details to understand its sequence. 

But what’s made the series so appealing from the very first episode is that it houses two huge and popular stars, each of them used to playing the leading role and who have stepped completely out of their comfort zones and are not even comedians!

Karim is famed for her tragic, social as well as romantic roles and Yassin’s forte is mystery and suspense, social, romantic and action roles. 

Both took a big risk with “Bi 100 Wesh” which has really paid off.


With the producer and the director at the helm, the series has wowed both Egyptian and Arab audiences because of both Karim and Yassin’s sense of humor and entertaining spirit that just needed a chance like Be 100 Wesh to come out on screen. 

With memorable lines like “Bye Sugar” shared endlessly on social media, the series, though light, is not shallow, a pitfall many comedies tend to fall into. 

All the series episodes have had a number of well written and greatly executed drama lines. Karim’s is a little cliché— the girl who belongs to a poor social class and has a lot of responsibilities so she turns to swindling to solve her family’s financial problems—but Yassin’s one is new. 

He looks rich but deep inside he suffers from a huge problem because of his father and becomes a conman to keep up appearances (his and his mother’s) among his acquaintances. 

The relationship between Omar and his mother (veteran actress Salwa Mohamed Ali) is well written in the script and the strong chemistry between them is very clear on screen. 

Beside Karim and Yassin, the series stars Ola Roushdy, Loai Omran, Islam Ibrahim, Salwa Mohamed Ali and Hassan Abul rouss among others. "Be Meet Wesh" is written by Amr el-Daly and Ahmed Wael and directed by kamla Abou Zekri.


Karim’s Ramadan's upcoming series “ Ded el Kasr” ( Can’t Be Broken)  will be screened on CBC channel during Ramadan.


”Ded el Kasr” houses a notable group of stars beside Nelly Karim such as Mohamed Farag, Tara Emad, among others.


The series is written by Amr el Daly and directed by Ahmed Khaled.


Born on December 18, 1974 in Alexandria to a Russian father and Egyptian mother, Karim starred in 17 Egyptian films and nine TV series. 



Among her best known works are the movies "Alzheimer's ", "678" , "The Blue Elephant" part 1 and part 2, and "Clash". 



Karim won a number of respectable awards, including Best Actress award from Cairo International Film Festival for her role in "Enta omry" (You are My Life), Special Award from Cairo National Festival for Egyptian Cinema for her role in "Wahed-Sefr" (One-Zero), and Best Actress award at the Arab Film Festival for her role in "678", among others. 



Her television repertoire includes her highly successful series ''Tahet el-Saytara'' (Under Control), ''Sokot Horr'' (Free Fall), ''Segn el-Nesaa'' (Women's Prison) and ''Ekhtefaa'' (Disappearance).


Karim participated in the Pharaohs Golden Parade.




From engineering classes at the American University in Cairo (AUC) and onto the university’s stage, Yassin was spotted by director Khairy Beshara. 


But he has come a long way from AUC productions, and has since become one of the leading Egyptian actors on both the small and the big screens. 


Through a diverse portfolio, Yassin has proved he is an artist of many talents, from one of his first challenging roles in "Zay El Naharda" (Like Today) in 2008, where he played the role of a drug addict who made us both love and hate him, and all the way to his latest series "30 Youm" (30 Days), where he so meticulously showed us the drastic changes of his character throughout the month. 


In between, he perfected a stutter in "Rasayel El Bahr" (Messages from the Sea) in 2010 and then showed us his comic abilities in "Bebo w Beshir" in 2011. 


Always a hard worker seeking new challenges, Yassin has also been assuming the director’s chair, working first in 2016 on the video clip of Abu’s "Ahwak" (I Love You) song, featuring a retro vibe evoking old Agamy days on the beaches of North Coast’s Marassi, and also the video clip for Wust El Balad song "El Ekhtelaf El Motalef" (Our Familiar Differences). 


His latest work as a director has created quite the social media buzz, featuring an unconventional storyline and a rather quirky vibe. 


Yassin's  movie "Turab el Mass" (Diamond Dust) achieved a huge success. 





Yassin will play the leading role in the Arabic version of the widely popular series “Suits”.


The series will be written by Mohamed Amien Rady and directed by Khaled Marie.


Egyptian superstars Yousra and Asser Yassin co-stared in the Egyptian movie ‘’ Saheb el Makam’’ which was released in July 30 on Shahid digital platform, few days preceding Eid el Adha. 



Yousra appears throughout the events of the film to Yassin who embodies the role of a wealthy businessman, in the form of a spirit and chases him. 


Beside Yassin and Yousra, the movie stars Amina Khalil, Riham Abdel Gahfour, Bayoumi Fouad, Nesrine Amin among others. ‘’ Saheb el Makam’’ is written by Ibrahim Eissa, directed by Mando el Adl and produced by Ahmed el Sobky. 






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