AL Miawiah wins Bt100 award


Wed, 04 Mar 2020 - 01:35 GMT

FILE: BT100 Awards

FILE: BT100 Awards

CAIRO - 4 March 2020: AL Miawiah Advertising Services Company has received bt100 annual award, Tuesday.

The dazzling award ceremony is held with the attendance of Cabinet members, businessmen, high profile companies, start-ups, celebrities and journalists.

BT100 is a tribute to the leaders of the governmental and private sectors, and corporate for their important and effective role in improving the Egyptian economy. The ceremony aims at encouraging other companies to improve their performance, and develop their marketing methods and their selling skills.

Candidates for the prizes were chosen according to certain criteria by the jury and evaluation to select a number of companies in different sectors, including the financial, industrial and investment sectors, the real estate sector, and the communications and information technology sector.

All candidates chosen based on certain criteria and standards that rely on market studies and research to evaluate the activities of all companies operating in the Egyptian market, including companies with innovative creative ideas and practical and effective solutions, in addition to prizes for the best corporate social responsibility initiatives, the best market share and investment performance, and the best sustainable agreements and partnerships between the private sector and the public sector that would serve the country's goals in the comprehensive economic development plan for Egypt 2030.

Major companies and institutions are sponsoring the event, including CIB, Marseilia Group, PepsiCo, Etisalat Egypt, Talaat Moustafa Group, Al Ahli Real Estate Development, Banque du Caire, GLC, Vodafone Egypt and a number of other institutions.



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