Africa future of global economy: African experts


Thu, 28 Nov 2019 - 02:43 GMT

Renewable energy plants- Reuters

Renewable energy plants- Reuters

CAIRO - 28 November 2019: Participants in the first Arab African economic conference asserted on Thursday the importance of directing investments to the African continent, describing it as the future of the global economy especially in the energy domain.

During a session of the first Arab-African Economic Conference on "Mutual Trade and Arab-African services", former Beheira governor Mostafa Hadhod said that Africa represents the promising future in face of the world's energy crisis.

He called for cooperation among Arab and African countries to utilize the resources of the continent in the energy sphere.

Vice Chairperson of the Arab Federation for Combating Forgery and Counterfeit Soaad Mohammed reviewed ways of promoting inter Arab-African trade, pointing out to the necessity of removing obstacles impeding the achievement of the Arab-African development.

Energy is one of the top promising domains towards the achievement of economic development, particularly in the renewable-energy sector, she added.

Earlier in the day, the first Arab African economic conference kicked off in Cairo. The event is organized by the Council of Arab Economic Unity (CAEU) in tandem with the Arab African Council for Integration and Development



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