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FRA: Egypt leads MENA in World Bank index for shareholders’ equity

Sat, Oct. 26, 2019
CAIRO, Oct 26 (MENA) – Egypt has led the Middle Eastern and North African countries in the World Bank’s index for rights of shareholders trading in the stock market, Chairman of the Egyptian Financial Regulatory Authority (FRA) Mohamed Omran said Saturday.

Omran stressed that FRA would spare no effort to enhance its regulatory measures to improve the attractive investment climate in Egypt in light of the latest World Bank’s Doing Business Report 2020.

Omran highlighted that Egypt had managed to make a remarkable improvement in the index of protecting small shareholders rights for the fourth year in a row, after it jumped 15 ranks in 2019, occupying the 57th rank of 190 thanks to a decision taken by FRA to protect small shareholders, among other measures.
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