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Trade exchange between China, African countries hits $ 204.2 bn in 2018

Sat, May. 25, 2019
BEIJING, May 25 (MENA) - The trade exchange between China and African countries has recorded an annual growth of 20 percent recording 204.2 billion dollars in 2018.

China's imports from African countries hit 99.3 billion dollars in 2018, marking a notable annual increase of 32 percent, according to a statement published by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce on Saturday.

The exports of the Asian country to the Africa countries increased by 11 percent reaching 104.9 billion dollars, the statement added.

China's direct investments in African countries made an increase of seven percent in 2018 recording 3.3 billion dollars.

Chinese companies carried out projects in African countries during 2018 with a cost of 78.4 billion dollars, with an annual increase of three percent.
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