The Chinese delegation – Press Photo The Chinese delegation – Press Photo

Chinese delegation visits Egypt to explore investment opportunities

Tue, Apr. 23, 2019
CAIRO – 23 April 2019: Cairo Chamber of Commerce received a delegation from Tong'an City, China Tuesday.

The delegation, headed by Zhang Guazi, includes more than 22 specialized companies in various fields including technology, mobile and electronic industries.

Head of Cairo Chamber of Commerce Ibrahim al Arabi stressed that the economic climate in Egypt improved during the last period, stating the availability of investment opportunities in several fields in the Egyptian market where Chinese investors can cooperate to benefit both countries.

Public and economic reforms applied by the Egyptian government work in favor of investors and encourage them to invest in Egypt whether through partnership or their own investments, Arabi noted.

He pointed out that the Cairo Chamber will provide all the data needed to enable the Chinese side to know the investment opportunities, the needs of the Egyptian market and ways to benefit both countries in the next phase.

For his part, Guazi said that Tong'an City is considered one of the most important industrial and investment zones in China, adding that a lot of industries have been developed especially those related to electronics, clothes, food, medical devices and medicines.

He added that his city owns more than 22 industrial fields out of 32 industrial fields in China, as well as 69,000 products, noting that the Chinese delegation includes businessmen and a specialized team to study the market.

According to the head of the Chinese delegation, their visit aims to explore the cooperation opportunities between the two countries especially since the economic climate has developed a lot in Egypt, encouraging investment.

He pointed out that the visit of the Chinese delegation to Al-Arabi Group gave them a good impression of the economy and the Egyptian climate.

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