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Egypt’s PM inaugurates African Intra-trade fair Tuesday

Tue, Dec. 11, 2018
CAIRO – 11 December 2018: Prime Minister MostafaMadbouli inaugurated Tuesday, Dec.11 the first African intra-trade fair, held in Cairo from December 11 to 17, with the participation of 34 countries and about 1,055 African companies, including 300 Egyptian companies.

Minister of Trade and Industry AmrNassar said that the exhibition is the first of its kind in Africa, which is based on the African trade promotion strategy, aiming at supporting and encouraging the production of goods and services in order to promote participation in regional trade.

It also provides a platform for offering goods, services and information exchange on trade, investment, and market, he added.

Nassar noted that it also provides opportunities for business exchange with the aim of increasing intra-African trade, where a number of trade deals among the participating companiesare planned.

The minister added that the exhibition focuses on agricultural products, building materials, tourism, medical and pharmaceutical products, heavy industries, energy industry, textiles, clothing and engineering.

He pointed out that the exhibition will include a national day for each country to present its potential and culture.Each national day is divided into two main sections; a section forartistic and entertainment shows expressing the culture of each country and a section to present the vision of the ministries of trade, economyand tourism.

On December 8 and 9, Egypt held the Africa 2018 forum aiming to build bridges of cooperation between Egypt and its brotherly countries in the continent.The forumcontributesto making Africa a promising continent and an incubator for major productive and service projects by attracting huge investments.
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