Egyptian-Pakistani summit celebrating 70 years - Press Photo Egyptian-Pakistani summit celebrating 70 years - Press Photo

$30M trade surplus between Egypt, Pakistan

Mon, Sep. 24, 2018
CAIRO - 24 September 2018: Trade surplus between Egypt and Pakistan hit $30 million for Egypt’s favor, Head of commercial representative Authority Ahmed Antar said.

He clarified that trade exchange between both countries reached $200 million during 2017.

This came during Antar's participation at the Egyptian-Pakistani summit celebrating 70 years of diplomatic relations between both countries, in the presence of Minister of Planning Hala el-Saeed, deputy minister of transportation, and Ambassador of Pakistan Mushtaq Ali Shah, in addition to General Director of SASSI Maria Sultan.

Antar emphasized the importance of the partnership between both states, referring to the Egyptian Suez Canal and the Pakistani GWADAR as two of the most important ports that boost trade exchange between both countries.

"Both governments want to advance joint cooperation through linking the Suez Canal with the GWADAR in a way similar to the linkage between Pakistan and China, which contributed to doubling the volume of trade exchange between them,” Antar stated.

He noted that the Egyptian government seeks to enhance the cooperation with Pakistan in the fields of communication, navigation, banking, insurance, information technology and global trade.

He further added that the Ministry of Trade and Industry took a number of steps that supported the Egyptian economy, which include launching a new strategy that aims at enhancing industrial and global trade, and launching the investment map which introduced about 4,000 investment opportunities in eight main industrial sectors in Egypt’s governorates.
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