Ahlan Ramadan supermarket exhibition Ahlan Ramadan supermarket exhibition

Gov’t launches 'Ahlan Ramadan' to control price hikes

Sat, May. 20, 2017
CAIRO – 20 May 2017: The government launches “Ahlan Ramadan” (Hello Ramadan) Supermarket exhibition in Cairo International Conference Center from May 23 to 26 under the auspices of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, the Minister of Supply and Internal Trade, Ali Meselhi announced in a Saturday press statement.

“Ahlan Ramadan” Supermarket exhibition aims to control vendors’ greed and price hikes as a result of the high inflation rate and floatation of the local currency.

The minister added that exhibitions started in all governorates on May 15, and all the participating companies do not seek a profit margin, and offer the Egyptian people all the commodities at wholesale price or less.

The exhibition is attended by more than 200 exhibitors from major Egyptian companies producing food commodities, projects, food products and beverages, the minister said.

For his part, Luxor governor, Mohammed Badr, said that the exhibition aims to provide the needs of families during the holy month of Ramadan and raise the burden on citizens by providing high quality food and foodstuffs at discounted prices.

In this regard, undersecretary of the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade in Luxor, Mohamed el-Taher said that the exhibition continues until May 30, and in case of a large turnout, it will be extended to meet people’s needs in Ramadan.

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar; it is a month-long period when Muslims fast from dawn to dusk refraining from food, water, sexual activity and other prohibited activities during the day.
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