Investment minister to participate in “Belt and Road” Forum



Sat, 13 May 2017 - 07:26 GMT


Sat, 13 May 2017 - 07:26 GMT

Investment Minister Sahar Nasr - Archive

Investment Minister Sahar Nasr - Archive

CAIRO - 13 May 2017: Investment Minister Sahar Nasr headed to Bejing, capital of China, on Saturday to participate in the “Belt and Road” forum, as part of the Silk Road initiative, the ministry said in an official statement.

Nasr will participate in the opening session of the conference, headed by Chinese President Xi Jinping and attended by about 30 other state presidents, 1,200 representatives from 110 countries and 60 international organizations.

According to the statement, Nasr aims to strengthen investment and development partnership with China and the various countries participating in the forum.

An internationally-oriented economic initiative, Silk Road was launched by China in 2013 to promote globalized cooperation and common development. it includes all the countries that the Silk Road goes through across three continents of Asia, Africa, and Europe.

Investment minister stressed the importance of relations with China; especially after the signing of the “Comprehensive Strategic Partnership Agreement” in December 2014 by both President Sisi and his Chinese counterpart.

“Egypt is looking forward to benefiting from its Chinese partner, which has already allocated more than $30 billion to invest in the infrastructure of the countries of the Silk Road, including ports, roads and railways,” Nasr said, adding that she will be meeting with representatives of the biggest companies and investment entities in China to present investment opportunities, especially in the New Capital and the development of the Suez Canal.

The “Belt and Road” forum aims to revive the old land association agreements between China and the Mediterranean countries through Central Asia and Europe. The agreement includes 60 countries, which cover about two-thirds of the world's population and possess 75 percent of the world's energy reserves.

The infrastructure investments of the Silk Road project are estimated at billions of dollars, and it encompasses several ports and railways.



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